Sunday, February 22, 2015

Pre-Vatican II document to Cardinal Bea, Anti-Jewish Elements in Catholic Liturgy: A Memorandum to the Secretariat for Christian Unity

Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel & Cardinal Augustin Bea plotting.

This is a follow-up post to Catholic Family News entertains readers with fairy tales while continuing to ignore the truth.  The Talmudic Jews and their rabbis didn't have to meet in secret places on the hush-hush with bureaucrats from the Holy See.  Instead, the reality was the Christ-deniers were the honored guests at the Vatican, which hosted several discreet meetings before the Second Vatican Council began on what they would like to make happen at the Council.  This was even reported on by Il Giornale d'Italia at the time much less a handful of other outlets of the conservative European press.  Below are scanned in documents from the American Jewish Committee's website (link to .pdf).  The first two pages are a letter from Louis Caplan, the President of the AJC, to Cardinal Bea thanking him for a meeting which took place at the Vatican on 13 July 1961 and the upcoming planned meeting of 26 November 1961.  Caplan also included the paper, Anti-Jewish Element in Catholic Liturgy: A Memorandum to the Secretariat for Christian Unity, which is part two of the scanned documents below.  The memorandum focuses on the Paschal Triduum.  We challenge readers of Call Me Jorge... to find anything in the memorandum which has subsequently not been adopted by the Vatican.

Louis Caplan's letter to Cardinal Bea 
- 17 November 1961 -

Anti-Jewish Element in Catholic Liturgy:
A Memorandum to the Secretariat for Christian Unity


  1. We altered our Mass in response to the objections of the Jews and they excised the execrable commentary about Jesus and Mary in the Talmud; you know the ones that teach that Mary was a whore who was raped by a roman soldier while she was menstruating and that her child, Jesus, is a bastard who was rightly condemned for blasphemy and put to death and that Jesus is now in Hell submerged in boiling shit.

    That is what happened, right?

  2. Thank you.

    This proves that the Second Vatican Council was a hoax.

    This proves the total bankruptcy of the post-conciliar 'church'.

  3. The post-conciliar church is based on a new paradigm founded on old heresies and schismatic ideas which can be traced to the early days of the church and in the Protestant Deformation. If we add ecumenical and interconfessional ideologies to this then we have a completely apostate multi-sectarian organisation.

    The parallels between today and the times of the Prophet Daniel are very poignant indeed. The abomination of desolation purporting to the end times has been unleashed by the enemies of the Roman Catholic Church named clearly and unambiguously for us by the great Pope St Pius X. The liberal modernists hate him so much they have treated his centenary with contempt. No wonder!

  4. The last anti-christ (king of the 4 kingdoms) in my opinion, will be a zionist jew.