Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Evangelii Gaudium is...

The Vision of Pope Francis for the Church

by Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga, SDB

Maradiaga is the chairman of the Group of Nine Cardinal Advisors to Francis.  His talk starts at seventeen minutes and forty-five seconds.  Listen to Maradiaga spin yarns about his good ol' humble friend, Jorge Bergoglio.  He talks about Francis as if he had discovered a cure for cancer, brought about world peace single-handedly, and made the world happy.  One has to be amazed at the way the seminary uses St. Gregory's Chapel.  Why just use it as a House of God as was intended when it makes a perfectly good auditorium too?  Must be another one of those fruits of Vatican II.


  1. This is one of the most frightening talks I've ever heard. Maradiaga speaks so confidently of the new religion/new Church Poor Francis is ushering in. Chilling.

  2. 1:00:27 "So we have to ask the Holy Spirit guided by Pope Frances"

    What a slimeball girl -- he is a worse sycophant than snodgrass Rosica. The idiocy of putting a man in charge of curial reform who can't even reform Honduras is mind boggling. Guess the audience appreciates the employment he's provided them by sending Hondurans to "refugee" in U.S. Certainly applaud for St. Romero. Simply reinforces to me that Team Bergoglio are (1) communists (last 5 min especially), (2) thieves (3) perverts and (4) completely out of touch w/reality (most striking impression)!

    1. And then we wonder why the protestants are scandalized and do not want to convert? Honestly! May God bring an end to this apostasy and may we all make more prayers and sacrifices and have the courage to keep witnessing against this horror, even to losing our lives if that is what God calls us to.

  3. His vision for the church - destruction of Christianity and the complete takeover by the talmudic rabbinate and political zionism.