Saturday, March 14, 2015

Heaven or Hell?

This protestant belief sounds very similar to what Francis is advocating to young children.
Francis answers children's questions at Tor Bella Monaca

Later, in the church, he met with a group of children and young people, and answered their questions. The first was: if God forgives everything, why does Hell exist? The Pope replied that Hell is the desire to distance oneself from God and to reject God's love. But”, he added, “if you were a terrible sinner, who had committed all the sins in the world, all of them, condemned to death, and even when you are there, you were to blaspheme, insults... and at the moment of death, when you were about to die, you were to look to Heaven and say, 'Lord …!', where do you go, to Heaven or to Hell? To Heaven! Only those who say, I have no need of You, I can get along by myself, as the devil did, are in Hell – and he is the only one we are certain is there”.
source :  Vatican Information Service, The Pope meets the parishioners of Tor Bella Monaca

Francis addresses the parish council

Finally, before celebrating Mass, Francis spoke with the parish pastoral council and their collaborators who described to him the situation in the area, in which many marginalised families live, and where there are many problems linked to drug abuse and crime. “The people of Tor Bella Monaca are good people”, emphasised Francis. “They had the same flaw that Jesus, Mary and Joseph had: they are poor. With the difference that Joseph had a job, Jesus had a job, and many people here do not, but they still need to feed their children. And how does one get by? You know how. Goodness is sorely tested by injustice; the injustice of unemployment and discrimination. And this is a sin, it is a grave sin. Many people are compelled to do things they do not want to do, because they cannot find another way. … And very often people, when they feel they are accompanied, wanted, do not fall into that web of the wicked, who exploit the poor. Mafiosi exploit the poor too, to make them do their dirty work, and then when the police discover them, they find those poor people and not the mafiosi who are safe, and also pay for their safety. Therefore, it is necessary to help the people. … The first pastoral commandment is closeness: to be close to them. … We cannot go to a house where there are sick or hungry children and say 'you must do this, you must do that'. No. It is necessary to go to them with closeness, with that caress that Jesus has taught us. … This is my main pastoral advice to you”.
source :  Vatican Information Service, The Pope meets the parishioners of Tor Bella Monaca

Just look skyward 


 say, "Lord...!" for your ticket

If this guy was dying, he'd be eligible for a ticket.
The Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu shakes the hand of a member of the Islamist militia Al-Nusra Front, who was injured fighting in Syria***.  The military hospital is located in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights.

Guess this man would be too.
Camorra mafia boss, Vincenzo  Licciardi.  According to Francis on 21 March 2014, Vincent will end up in hell unless he repents.  Francis' message of almost one year later (see above) on 9 March 2015 was very different.

These two children are eligible for tickets!
Hell has only one resident we can be certain of according to Francis.  This church isn't empty it has at least two residents.

Everybody is a winner with Francis!
This psychopath is eligible for heaven too, despite not being contrite for his sins nor making reparations for them.  Mr. Manson needs only to look towards heaven and utter 'Lord...!'

Where has Francis' perverted idea of Mercy come from?

Will Francis soon discover that this man looked
skyward and said 'Lord...!' ???

Stay tuned...

*** The Wall Street Journal finally gets around to reporting what is common knowledge in the Middle East, Israel is supporting Islamic terrorism.  So much for Francis' Invocation for Peace this past summer on 8 June 2014 .


  1. It will be interesting to see if F declares Luther a saint. My sister who attends an FSSP mass told me at Christmas that Luther had repented before he died. I replied, 'Well, then how come the rest of the Lutherans haven't and still call themselves by his name?" to which she had no answer--I'm sure her handlers do though. If she shares it at Easter, I'll pass it on.

    Not sure why people are such suckers for the "you can have it all" lie, but I guess the way to hell is broad. Hate to see F's face (not to mention all the rest of his brother bishops and sycophants) when he meets Jesus Christ.

    1. yes I have been saying that either Martin Luther or Billy Graham or someone of that stature would be the first protestant person canonized by the novus ordo but since they're planning their big pow wow with the Lutherans on that anniversary in 2017? when he pounded his theses on the doors of the Wittenberg Cathedral, I imagine that may be when they're planning on doing the dirty deed. That being said, the US is busy agitating heavily for the war with Russia, if, indeed, you believe in the miniseries about the Kennedys made for the History channel, JFK and Bobby helped circumvent in their day, and may have been part of the reason why the CIA and the military/industrial complex guys plotted their deaths. Clinton removed our first strike deterrent put in by Reagan for this purpose, saying the US would absorb actual detonations on american soil in the "interest of peace." As far as I know, old Georgie II and OB have never rescinded Billy's EO about that. So they may not get their chance, especially when so many of the mystics who talk about when the three days of darkness are supposed to happen say "the war will be raging." Wonder if Putin's mysterious disappearance this week has anything to do with that.

  2. Can he just keep quiet??. Whenever he open his mouth something ugly pop out. Sometimes I think it's better to go back to JW at least you have been brainwashed that heaven is really Exclusive and only certain amount of people deserve to be there and to join this exclusive club you.must work so hard and live your life piously. And now the one who claim hold the fullest of truth make it more easy because he is the king of mercy. Lord please forgive me .

  3. Frankly speaking, he is just another liberal modernist revisionist - he continues to appear increasingly absurd as each day passes. A Roman Catholic who knows the Faith and Holy Scriptures according to authoritative interpretation, understands that Francis is wrong. Our Blessed Lord tells us that if we love Him we will keep His commandments and that through obedience He and The Father will make their home with us. The Gospels spell it out clearly to those who scatter and who disobey & those who pervert The Faith of others and harm children, Hell awaits.
    Indeed, Francis; you are wrong as Our Blessed Lord Himself contradicts you.

  4. So nobody but Satan is in hell, eh Frankie? Guess Matthew 26:24 which tells us Judas is in hell means absolutely nothing in the Vatican II sect. Neither do 1 Corinthians 6:9-10, Matthew 7:14; 25:41 or Revelation 20:15; 21:8. Speaking of 2017 anniversaries just a week after Frankie celebrates the 500 year anniversary of the Reformation is the centennial of the Bolshevik Revolution, Frankie would love that! I wonder if he'll canonize Lenin for the occasion? Maybe even name him a Doctor of the Church along with Luther, Martini and Marx!

  5. History illustrates amply that Luther scattered God's kingdom and perverted The Gospel message with his justification by Faith alone and his insistence on Sola Scriptura. Normally, that appears to be a passport to Hades.

  6. So Francis is not even sure that Hitler is in Hell. I wonder what his buddy, Rabbi Skorka, thinks of that?