Monday, March 23, 2015

Innocent IV's letter to St. Louis IX

the letter 



  1. Luke 19:27 But as for those my enemies, who would not have me reign over them, bring them hither; and kill them before me.

    The great commentary of Cornelius a Lapide

    Ver. 27.—But those mine enemies (the Jews, His citizens, who would not have Him to reign over them) bring them hither—to my Tribunal, in the valley of Jehosaphat and Jerusalem—and kill them before Me.” In the Greek, “Kill them before my face.” Our Lord alludes to those victorious kings who slew and destroyed their conquered rebels. By this destruction Christ signifies the extreme judgment of the Jews and His other enemies, and their own condemnation to eternal death in Gehenna, and that a living and vital death, where they will be perpetually tormented by death-dealing flames, and yet will never die. Our Lord alludes to Titus, who slaughtered the conquered Jews. He describes precisely to the letter the condemnation of the Jews, and the Gehenna which He has appointed for them when He shall return from heaven to judge and condemn them and the reprobate.


    The most hateful act one could direct at the Jews is to ignore their status and not preach Christ and Conversion to them but our modern Popes and Prelates do just that; they enter their Snagogues but do not preach Christ and Conversion as did Peter and The Apostles (Acts)

    If one loves the Jews, one must strive to convert them to Jesus and His Catholic Church but such Commands of Christ are quite captious and so they are sloughed-off and for a very good reason; if a Pope were to go to a Synagogue and preach Christ and Conversion there would be an immediate halt to the effete ecumenism that is so execrable in this ecclesistical epoch.

    Jesus established His Catholic Church to carry on His work of sanctification and Salvation but, owing to Ecumenism, the Universal Solvent of Tradition, we seek to be loved by our enemies (Paul VI told the Roman Clergy that he could exercise discipline in dealing with heresies but he preferred to be loved) and so fear of the Jews is as omnipresent as it was during the times of the nascent church.

    And so what happens these days is that we change the prayers of our Mass to please the enemy but we never ask our enemies to change the prayers of their Synagogues (all of which are the synagogue of Satan) even though their hatred of us is expressed three times daily in their Synagogue.

    Man-up, Magisterium. Grow a set and act like Jesus did and as did our First Pope and Prelates

  2. According to modern definitions of hate literature and racial supremacism, the Talmud should take top place but because its origins are what they are, we can understand why it remains untouchable.

  3. I wonder how long it will be until these excerpts are no longer available and are put down the 'memory hole'? After all, by rabbinical talmudist standards, this excerpt may be construed as 'hate speech', 'hate crime', 'politically incorrect thinking', etc.,etc. ONLY 'love' for the rabbinical talmudists and their agenda is permissible in the ecumenical age.