Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Jorge Bergoglio taught his Godson how to swear!

...which the Godson proceeded to display during one of Bergoglio's homilies

“When he was already wearing a collar” and much to her displeasure, the man who is Pope today taught swear words to his nephew, whose name was likewise Jorge and who was also his godson, according to Maria Elena Bergoglio. This led to an embarrassing situation when her brother began to preach “at an important Mass” with lots of priests, and her son, being surprised at seeing his uncle [at the pulpit], disturbed the calm by yelling out “a very bad word” — audible to all. “After Mass, Jorge came to us and could not stop laughing”, according to his sister. In addition, her brother dipped her child’s pacifier into whiskey. Her brother got the sanguine temperament and the joke-telling from his father, so [Maria Elena] Bergoglio. 
(“Kindheitserinnerungen von Papst Franziskus” [“Childhood Memories of Pope Francis”], ORF.at, Mar. 19, 2013; our translation.)
source: Novus Ordo Wire 

Can you imagine how outraged Francis would be if this had happened in a synagogue or mosque?

Why is Francis always laughing at the Catholic Faith?

What Godfather would teach his Godson how to curse?

Bergoglio as a Godfather is responsible for instructing his Godson in his religious duties and setting a good example for the boy.

Who is Jorge praying to if he sees this as funny?

To put it another way, would Bergoglio laugh if his Godson cursed at the Crucifixion of Our Lord?

Sadly, we at Call Me Jorge... feel he would.


  1. "What Godfather would teach his Godson how to curse?"

    Don Corleone, maybe?

  2. It would be great before the upcoming Synod if some 'investigative' reporting would be done to bring us what 40 years of Bergoglion Mercy has done for his own family. In fact, if Bergoglio was a truth teller and not a lying perverted demon, he would bring his own family to the Synod and give them communion in front of all his cardinals as he did back in Buenos Aires to show everyone exactly what he is selling to them under the guise of "mercy". But his relations are banned from Rome and any newspaper that reported the truth about that family would be banned as well (or maybe sued). It seems his sister is a little thick so sometimes she lets the cat out of the bag and then gets in trouble later. Wish I had time to go back and research, but remember one account of sis stating flatly that woman claiming if she would have married him Bergog would have never become a priest could not be telling the truth (not sure if she was indicating her bro was homo or not), but then in the next accounts sis was quoted as saying she could not know one way or the other because "she was too young" at that time. (My own experience is that it is the little pitchers w/big ears who hero worship their elder siblings who remember forever what they did back in the day).

    It's just like JFK - press is covering up for nose picker -- but anyone can see his yellow fangs and black hooves peeping out of his polyester "white" sheep clothes.

  3. I admit, I never read his bio. But I read some where in the comment sections that he had childhood issue. Was that true??. He is enigma, imo.

  4. Too bad Francis doesn't try to behave more like his chosen namesake--he might become holy (definitely drop a few kilos) :
    "It was humiliating when first he took a beggar’s sack, went with it into town, and begged for alms from door to door. He put all the collected food in a bowl, sat down to eat it, but found this hodge-podge utterly sickening. What was this food? Probably a fish head, maybe a bacon rind, no doubt bean soup and turnips or millet gruel, and perhaps a handful of olives or some dried fruit. For dessert he may have had some bits of barley, or a cheese rind.

    "It was hard for the young radical to look at such stuff, much less eat it. Finally he overcame himself and consumed the mixture of garbage, and it seemed to him as if he had never tasted such delicious food. He thanked God who had transformed the bitterness to sweetness for him, and had increased his strength with the nourishment.

    "From this time forward Francis praised the seeking of alms and said that shame in begging is the enemy of salvation. He did nothing to keep this opinion to himself. When Pope Gregory was still a bishop, Francis and others were invited to dinner. Francis went out to beg for alms, returned, and amiably distributed scraps of black bread to the knights and chaplains gathered around the table. At the conclusion of dinner Gregory took Francis aside and asked why he brought shame on the embarrassed bishop by this bold act. Francis countered that in fact he had shown honor to Gregory, for the Lord is pleased with poverty, said Francis, particularly voluntary poverty.


  5. Just remember when you recognize & resist,this anti Christ catholic hater is who you "recognize".

  6. There's a special place in hell reserved for this fat man.