Thursday, March 12, 2015

Less and less people are showing up for rockstar Francis

Attendance at the 12 March 2015 general audience of Francis was short of the enormous crowds he was drawing last year. Our diagnosis at Call Me Jorge... is that Francis Fatigue has officially set in. Time and warm temperatures will tell if it metastasizes into something else or is just a temporary ailment of Francis' reign.

When is the mainstream media going to report on the dwindling crowds?

Where did the people go?

Do stone pillars count as attendees?

St. Peter's Square is looking empty

That's empty square in front of Francis.

A closer view of the empty square, those people must be four deep.

The bird's eye view of the crowd leaving.

— Highlights —

another sign from God?

a yerba mate pit stop

the infant kissing assembly line
five children kissed and one zucchetto worn!



  1. Maybe he'll learn of true humility. The truly humble are ignored. Jorge poses as humble for the sake of fame and power. He might find it painful.

  2. Jorge is saying today he's going to retire in the next three to four years. What does he know? I consider him to be the sixth head of the seven-headed beast, the seventh very possibly being the Antichrist proper, with Cardinal Manning's ideas that the Antichrist has to sit in Rome - and his quoting of the Church Fathers in his book present Crisis of the Holy See to back it up:

  3. Typhoon Jorge doesn't bring much impact in his own home, such a good news for me.

    Well, Roman Catholic CEO jobs is kissing baby on every Wednesday and kissing woman feet on HOLLY Thursday. SHM.