Wednesday, March 18, 2015

On the road to hell...

screenshot from website of St. Philip Neri Parish in Portland, Oregon

Perverting the Faith given to us by Christ

Sins which cry out to Heaven for vengeance:
  1. Murder,
  2. Sodomy,
  3. Oppression of the poor, and
  4. Defrauding workers of their just wages.

Sins against the Holy Ghost:
  1.  Despair,
  2.  Presumption of God's mercy,
  3.  Deliberate resistance to the known truth,
  4.  Envy the spiritual good of another,
  5.  Obstinacy in sin, and
  6.  Final impenitence.

Full screenshot of St. Philip Neri Parish's website


  1. Lord have mercy, Christ have mercy, Lord have mercy. 'As a church for the first time, "instead of being asked to pick up a glass and say 'what's wrong with this picture' we ask what's right with this picture..?"

    It is a great sorrow that peope have no conception of sin. 'being' a homosexual, 'being' a liar, 'being' a murderer, 'being' an adulterer, being lustful, jealous, all these things are 'having sin'; in most languages people have conditions (to have), they are not stuck in the English to be (I am) with transitory things. That aside, with contrition if want 'to be' one with Christ, 'to be' and 'to have' a state of Grace, we need to seek absolution (if one can find a priest these days who knows what on earth you are talking about).

    satan uses sin, any sin to infect Christ-like believing and Christ-like all sorts of dramatic and 'convincing' ways. The fact is 'straights' use 'gays' and 'gays' use 'straights' as an uber excuse not to turn away from sin, but rather as an excuse to embrace sin. If we love God, we must have a natural hatred for sin. Love that bears all, gets through the obfuscation, lies and deceits of sin.

    "Jesus reached out constantly to the underlayers of society..." Not to teach them to stay in those sewery underlayers, but for the purposes of lifting them up and out, into Love. Christ did not pour out His Blood that we confirm ourselves in filth and darkness. Lord have Mercy.

    For those so confused and so confirmed in their confusion by idiots, step back, ask the Pure Blessed Virgin to intercede and try to imagine what sort of misery you will be bringing upon yourself and others in years to come to support your 'confirmation in sin'.

  2. I don't know about the St. Philip Neri bulletin and the Oregon connection. I do know that that is Fr. Gil Martinez, CSP, the pastor of St. Paul the Apostle Church in Manhattan where the film was made. St. Paul's is one of the top homosexualist Churches in NY. The homo propaganda in this video is stunning. My heartstrings are not tugged by the message of "if you don't accept me, you don't love me" lie. And Grandma is prey to the homo-sin of familial extortion: "I'll lose my grandchildren if I don't accept them". This emotional strong-arming stinks to high heaven. And the overall message? despite all the talk of feeling accepted? I don't believe any of it. If you have made your peace with your sexual attractions, then why continue to harp on it. Get on with your spiritual life. Stop looking to the world to make peace with it too. Cause it ain't gonna happen.

  3. This filth is everywhere. Sodomites indoctrinate in the seminaries--who in turn indoctrinate the people. In summer 2010 a 70+ year old 'priest' ordained circa 2005 (late in life after his wife died) gave a sermon at my parish on the Feast of the Birth of St John the Baptist that Herod and Herodias were 'in love' with each other and cited as proof that they died together in Gaul, i.e. the marriage lasted. I could not believe he would be smirking about the cold blooded murderers of St. John on his Feast Day and walked out. It was a Saturday a.m. mass and the 9 other people mostly senior citizens just sat there. In December 2011 same priest sent out a letter inviting all LGBTs, their relatives and any LGBT local business owners to the church to tell him how he could serve them better. He stated that Maryland even though it had defeated gay "marriage" that year, was going to be passed (and it was w/help of Donna, Lori and "Pope Francis Democrat" Governor O'Malley) and we had to "get ready". He had "ONE" (SEX) 'anti-bullying' indoctrination for the 1st-8th grade school. For all his gay and deviant pandering Wuerl still retired him (who can earn +$40k past 75 except so-called 'priests' -- maybe get free tuition for their grandkids at $10k+ "Catholic" high schools also); McCarrick had his own queer secretaries and NJ "vocations" to give a parish. Next thing I know Team Bergoglio is advancing these same theses.
    "ONE, Inc. was founded in 1952 to publish the nation’s first wide-circulated, national homosexual periodical, ONE Magazine. In 1953, ONE Inc. became the first gay organization to open a public office in Downtown Los Angeles."

    (Pope Francis Proselytism & Queer Profession) 2013: "When the Gay Pride parade kicked off in Baltimore on June 15, a number of faith communities were present – and Presbyterians were an important part of the event. Faith Presbyterian – one of the organizers of the effort – and Brown Memorial Park Avenue– were proudly marching behind the banner, FAITH COMMUNITIES OF BALTIMORE with PRIDE – as was First & St. Stephens United Church of Christ. But the largest number came from St. Matthews Roman Catholic church – the real instigator of the effort. Long before we started actively recruiting walkers, St. Matthews had paid all the entry fees (Faith paid for the banner)!

    Fairy Joe Muth taking his own credit for sodomite proselytism and procession:

  4. ...what sick perverse minds

  5. Where did they get this ridiculous trope that "the church has always treated us horribly until now"? It's absurd and patently incorrect. The church has always welcomed sinners. What the church has a problem with is people who *revel* in sin and wear it as a badge of honor, and shove it in our faces requiring our approval, like these folks do.

  6. They have lost the sense of sin- no sin, no sins, no need to change. Our Lady said, pray and sacrifice yourself for sinners… that's all we can do.

  7. It feels so good for these people, till there is no feeling about sin, and feeling that they have offended Almighty God our Supreme Lord. Lord have mercy on us all.

  8. The end times - good is now evil and evil is now counted as good by itching ears and by a diminishing few who have any faith to welcome the returning Lord and Saviour. In what were once Holy Places we now have abomination of desolation while the enemies of Christ occupy The Vatican, the liberal modernists and their zionist talmudic masters.

    1. Who was that Church Father who said in the end times men will go mad. Then they will look at a sane man, and say "he is mad! He is not like us!" I think with this video you have the fulfillment of that prophecy. When Good is called evil, and evil good, then you know the end is near. This is the prelude to their "normalization" of pedophilia which is next on the satanic antichrist agenda, and these poor deluded people have no idea that they are helping usher in the Antichrist beast system with following after their lusts for people of the same sex, expressly condemned by St. Paul and for 2000 years by the true Church, before the masonic usurper John 23 and the sodomite Paul VI took over and put their non Catholic backsides on the chair of Peter. God have mercy on us all.

  9. CMJ - your quoting of the four sins crying to Heaven for vengeance is a much needed reminder for ALL Catholics of what the true Church taught on the matter. I noticed as a novus ordoite in the 1980s that something was terribly wrong (before I figured out that the n.w.o. had taken over what had been the Catholic Church) when I saw a Daughters of St. Paul book on homosexuality for sale in my local 'conservative' Catholic religious goods store, showing Jesus laying one way and the 'gay' guy laying the other way, and they were 'arguing' that the Church doesn't condemn someone with this 'orientation" but rather calls them to a celibate life - a total bastardization and twisting of that listed above. Rather like how modern psychiatrists and psychologists try to excuse every sin as an "illness" rather than making anyone accountable for their actions or behavior, redefining sodomy and same sex practices as an "orientation" basically makes the argument of "they're BORN this way" more or less - and thus the argument the people in the film above is merely following that to it's logical conclusion. If God MADE them this way, then how could HE condemn them for it? That is only Just - and why the novus ordo apostates were brilliant - with the devil leading them down his merry Pied Piper way to hell - to make that whole "orientation" argument, fooling the sheeple into forgetting the four sins crying to Heaven for vengeance dogma.
    The Presbyterians tellingly went along with endorsing "gay" marriage on the feast of St. Patrick - their partnering in crime with Dolan allowing those NBC guys to march in the parade in NYC. Notice even Michael Voorhis mentions that amongst the sins of the Druids were homosexuality.
    Also telling is that the Presbyterians are hoping to make the deal permanent on the pagan summer solstice which some protestant commentator on Beck's The Blaze said that it was the pagan feast of lust. This would seem to go along with the V2 figure of Pan being put on Ratzinger's "Papal" miter and the front of the new catechisms endorsed by Jp2 and Ratzinger - Pan who sexually chased after nymphs and young shepherd boys, according to mythology. A fitting "god" for the new world order, apparently, horns and all - his alter ego Baphomet of the masons, undoubtedly. All demons trying to pass themselves off as "angels of Light" to Christians who have itching ears wanting to hear new things for a "new evangelization."

  10. Recognize & resist right?Wake up these men are devils! We are living in a period a sede vacante!!