Monday, March 16, 2015

the Ferrari Club's newest member Francis!

— Miscellaneous Quotes 
"We wanted to offer the membership card of our club."
"It was nothing short of an amazing experience - it was very dear to me - that until the last kept me in suspense: I hardly thought possible we could realize this dream. Fortunately my fears have been allayed by the perfection of the organization and of our mentor Don Roberto Donadoni, assisted by the pastor of Caprino don Davide Santus."
"Private Mass in St. Peter's Basilica at the Altar of the Holy Pope John XXIII , closed to the public and reserved only to our group. Seats reserved in Piazza [St. Peter's Square] for the whole group."
"One of the members, with a disabled boy, was made ​​to sit in the restricted area: the Holy Father, as he passed, took him in his arms and gave him a blessing . After concluding the visit of the sick, the Pope arrived in the area where I waited, incredulous and excited to deliver the membership card and an envelope with the donations collected. I did not believe it, when this great Pope stopped in front of my wife, the commotion has reached a level never known before."
"But we still managed to deliver everything...and even engage in a brief conversation. I explained who we were and the purpose of our association that is not just cars [Ferraris] but through this we travel on the platform of solidarity and that it was our desire to offer the membership card to our club [to him]."

— Photos 

The ticket to the general audience.

Note, the lack of people in St. Peter's Square.

Shirt reads: 'Pope Francis, simply... one of us'.

 Taking photos of the rockstar!

 Visiting one of the group's disabled children.

 The parish priest helped get Ferrari Club's president to Francis' private box...

 where the prestigious membership in the club...

 was bestowed upon Francis!

 After all, nothing says glorious fuel consumption with a smile on one's face like a Ferrari!

When's the environmental encyclical coming out again?

Ah the irony, the humble revolutionary Francis connected with luxury items!

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  1. IMO, it is better for Pope Francis to do the test driving of one latest Ferrari on this coming maundy Thursday rather than washing some people feet on the prison.