Saturday, March 7, 2015

What's up with the frown, Francis?

Is that a pickle face or funeral face you're wearing Francis?

the Pickle Face...
When you see a seminarian, a priest, a sister or a novice with a a long face, gloomy, who seems to have thrown a soaking wet blanket over their life, one of those heavy blankets... which pulls one down.... Something has gone wrong! But please: never any sisters, never any priests with faces like “chilis pickled in vinegar” — never! The joy that comes from Jesus. Think about this: when a priest — I say a priest, but also a seminarian — when a priest or a sister lacks joy he or she is sad; you might think: “but this is a psychological problem”. No. It is true: that may be, that may be so, yes, it might. It might happen, some, poor things, fall sick.... It might be so. However in general it is not a psychological problem. Is it a problem of dissatisfaction? Well, yes! But what is at the heart of this lack of joy? It is a matter of celibacy. I will explain to you. You, seminarians, sisters, consecrate your love to Jesus, a great love. Your heart is for Jesus and this leads us to make the vow of chastity, the vow of celibacy. However the vow of chastity and the vow of celibacy do not end at the moment the vow is taken, they endure....
source:  Vatican, Francis' Address to Seminarians and Novices

Francis' inner-jew is smiling on the inside!

the Funeral Face...
It is the disease of people who are 'scowling and unfriendly and think that, in order to be serious, they must show a melancholic and strict face and treat others - especially those, whom they think are inferior - with rigidity, harshness and arrogance'. In reality, adds the Pope, 'theatrical strictness and sterile pessimism are often symptoms of fear and insecurity about themselves. The apostle must strive to be a polite, serene, enthusiastic and joyful person...'. Francis invites people to be full of humour and self-irony; 'How beneficial a healthy dose of humour can be!'
source: La Stampa, Pope Francis: the fifteen 'diseases' of the Curia

Have back to back losses by San Lorenzo led to Francis' grumpy demeanor?

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  1. Bergoglio, for all his quotes about trying to be cheerful, probably isn't feeling well. The man is not well physically, period. I feel sorry for him as a fellow human being on the one hand; but considering the full out-and-out deviltry he engages in on a daily basis for the reign of antichrist on earth being a raging modernist at the very least, and a possible mason/marrano more likely (the Brothers Dimond did show his "hidden hand" pose on the public transporation, though, in all charity, it may be coincidence, but a strange pose to strike for the cameras - and his behavior certainly illustrates Masonry more than Catholicism, as all these antipopes' behavior has), it's hard to feel too sorry for him. He's going to have a very bad end like Jp2 being 'stricken with a palsy" on his deathbed as the original news reports stated - just as the fourth false high priest in the Macchabees was stricken. I truly fear for how these people are going to end up. Do they think like Ted Turner that hell is going to be full of the likes of them partying on and having a good time? One wonders how they can do the things they do. It has to be the operation of error blindness they are operating under. It doesn't make any sense otherwise.

  2. Are these men a part of a particular order or...??

  3. This is hilarious. Did he not hear "cheese?"

  4. Looks like the happy Seminarian family got a pass for their poor relative who's been institutionalized for thinking he's the pope and dressing like him. The family took him on a day trip to the Vatican to cheer him up. ; )

  5. Why are the seminarians in cassocks? Where is the female rector? Where are the transgender and female seminarians? The blue jeans? the guitars? the microphones? Where is the immodesty, gay-porn-star-led dancing balloons, and puppets?

    Maybe he is sad because he is going to be ordering all these men to be locked up in a Volpi asylum as soon he gets back to his homo S&M Ricca hotel -- because you know these men are immoral and psychologically unbalanced.

    Of course, "bondings" freaks get special seating and important posts:


  7. What an aweful thing to do in front of the camera. Pope Francis just keeps on giving - giving dissapointment that is.

  8. It's just because of the cassocks that he has a funeral you know the story about the young seminarian in black cassock in S.Marta hotel? When the boR saw him said ' I don't want to see him here, anymore '.....intelligenti pauca.