Friday, April 24, 2015

Francis' choice of casual footwear is trickling down

Is that Cardinal wearing Nikes in St. Peter's Basilica or are those Pumas?


  1. Some people have problem feet ,calluses and so on ,perhaps their the only shoes he can wear.

    1. THEY ARE the only shoes he can wear is what you meant, I'm sure.
      And if that was a serious comment, then it is one of the more stupid I've been unhappy to read here.
      I'm sure the Cardinal could find some pocket change to buy himself a well made pair of Italian leather shoes.....oh wait; no. Even Italian leather shoes are probably made in China now. Nevertheless, her is a list of 'calzolai' in Rome. Perhaps someone could pass it along to the Cardinal?

  2. That's cute they're getting closer & closer to their protestant brethren.

  3. Shouldn't our clergy suffer in imitation of Jesus Christ & the martyrs? If his feet hurt he should wear dress shoes anyway and offer up his suffering to the Lord!

  4. I'd pull back on this one.

    Last year I was in the Chicago airport. They were dividing the lines into two for security. I came up on the next fellow in line who had his back toward me. It was winter, so I couldn't tell at first what he was wearing. I then happened to looked down, and saw a severely scuffed and besalted pair of black sneakers. Above that, I saw a literally frayed cassock sticking out from under a very inexpensive winter coat.

    I looked up, and the man appeared vaguely familiar, though I couldn't place him. Being a member of an FSSP parish, I said, "Excuse, Father, but are you a priest of the Fraternity of St. Peter, or the Society of Pius X?" He replied in a very French accent, "Nee-zher! I am Bee-shup Tissier de Mallerais uv zee Soci-eety of Saint Pius zee Tenth!"

    His Excellency was traveling from the seminary in Minnesota to Germany. We waited in a long, slow line. He turned out to be a very, very personable man, and was interested in the story of my own struggle for the Mass, and shared with me some carefully chosen words about the negotiations with Rome. At the end of our usual ordeal with the TSA, after helping him get his things together, including his episcopal ring back on his finger, I kissed it and knelt for his blessing. I asked someone to snap a photo of us with my phone, and I treasure that.

    The lesson is, don't judge a prelate by his footware.