Thursday, April 30, 2015

glo-bull now climate change

The above video is from 2009 and was made by Catholic Climate Covenant during the reign of Benedict XVI but it plays as if it was made only yesterday.  Be assured anytime a bureaucrat (and yes we, at Call Me Jorge..., include Francis as one) tells you he has come to help, run the other way!  Often new laws and taxes are passed under the guise of a title such as; Save the Children Act, Patriot Act, or The Joy of the Gospel.  You can't be against the children, the country, or the Faith can you!?  When the reality is the exact opposite.  Children are not saved but harmed, the country is turned into a giant panopticon for the benefit of the cryptocracy, and the Gospels are nowhere to be found in Evangelii Gaudium, in fact following the teachings in it lead one deeper under the spell of Talmudic Judaism.

So what to expect from the soon to be released Global Warming Encyclical?  More taxes, less freedom, more interfaith & interreligious dialogue, more financial sacrifice, more poverty, more crime, and less of the Faith.  Don't worry Francis and the politicians will sell it to you with a tiny bit of guilt and a ton of emotion.  All those who don't know the Faith will feel so good as they go out and do what it says.  When few left believe the lie of global warming, the establishment rebrands it as climate change.  Since no listens to the high priests of science these days the cryptocracy then pushes it with their man, Francis the Humble, who many sadly still see as the moral authority of the world.  After all, he kisses babies, gives the handicapped spiritual hugs, and dishes out Mercy to all but 'traditionalists'.


  1. Blah blah blah blah blah....this is what hear i when the unfortunate moment arises that I accidentally hear the latest propaganda. (Sorry I meant news)

  2. I suppose we could call all of this Papal Bull.

  3. Hahaha! Clever!

  4. "Our Sister, Mother Earth" - PAganism has entered the Church...

    Their aim is to tax your existence on the planet. Once they tax you beyond your means, under the guise of a "carbon Tax", they will proceed with sterilization or imprisonment to prevent any more children from being born.

    This is the truly evil goal of these organizations which have been allowed to creep into our Church by those who should be in charge of defending it.