Monday, April 13, 2015

Is this charity or Francis' gossip police at work?

An unidentified Swiss Guard holds an umbrella for an elderly 
lady at St. Peter's Square while he listens to her talk on her 
cellular phone (12 April 2015).

"The worst bomb inside the Vatican is gossip," which "threatens the life of the church and the life of (the Vatican) every day," he said, because it "sows destruction" and "destroys the lives of others." 
While there are many religious and laypeople in the Vatican who are "sowing good seed," the devil is still getting his way by using others "to sow weeds." 
Even the pope is not immune to this temptation, he said; it's a danger "for me, too," because "the devil gives you that yearning." 
So in addition to looking for the usual security threats, the pope told the security guards to also crack down on backstabbing and courageously call people out. 
Stop them in their tracks and say, "Please sir, please ma'am, please father, please sister, please your Excellency, please your Eminence, please Holy Father, don't gossip; that's not allowed here," the pope said.

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  1. If gossip is destroying the Church Jesus Christ left for us,a vow of silence should be instituted.Instead,Jorge reduces what used to be the Catholic Church to a high school lunchroom.'Stop gossiping!'