Thursday, April 9, 2015

the Diocese of Osorno (Chile) welcomes it's new bishop (accused of covering up sex abuse), Juan Barros Madrid!

As Vatican reporter Nicole Winfield & AP reporter Eva Vergara wrote in the article, Pope Francis's Pledge Of Zero Tolerance For Child Abusers Is Being Tested In Chile,

Cruz has said that during the time he was abused, Karadima and Barros behaved intimately with one another in his presence. 
"I saw Karadima and Juan Barros kissing and touching each other. The groping generally came from Karadima touching Barros' genitals," Cruz said in a January letter to Monsignor Ivo Scapolo, the papal nuncio in Chile. Cruz provided a copy of the letter to the AP. 
Despite Francis' pledge to have no tolerance for abuse by priests, James Hamilton, another victim of Karadima's, said the appointment demonstrates to him that the church "had not changed." 
Hamilton, now a 49-year-old doctor, said Barros enjoyed watching Karadima commit the abuse. 
"I saw how Barros watched it all," he said.


  1. Go Frances! This is the way to stop the Catholic hemorrhaging in Latin America!

  2. We don’t riot in the U.S. because it might cause our bishops to faint (from fasting)!
    Cardinal Theodore E. McCarrick ordains Bishop Bransfield as the eighth bishop of Wheeling-Charleston Feb. 22, 2005, at the Cathedral of St. Joseph in Wheeling.
    The complaint stems from Bishop Michael Bransfield's days at Lansdale Catholic High School in the 1970s. The Philadelphia Archdiocese said it did not find the complaint credible at the time, and passed it on to Montgomery County authorities. But the archdiocese said last week that the complaint has been reopened."The Archdiocese of Philadelphia promptly reported the allegation against Bishop Bransfield to the Montgomery County D.A.'s office in 2007. ... The situation is again being reviewed by law enforcement authorities," spokesman Kenneth Gavin said in an email. The development comes with the recently completed Philadelphia priest-abuse trial in which a witness testified that a priest who abused him told him that Bransfield was sexually involved with a young teen. The witness also said he was raped by the priest at Bransfield's beach house.
    Also we don’t riot because we don’t believe our bishops are a homosexual group using the Catholic Church to undermine our morals, screw our children and propagandize LGBTQ to us– but that they are VICTIMS who are being blackmailed into perverting the priesthood, ruining our morals and propagandizing LGBTQ!
    In my book, The Rite of Sodomy which was published in 2006, I have a lengthy section on the homosexual activities of Cardinal Theodore McCarrick. The morals charge against McCarrick are longstanding and have since been verified by Dr. Richard Sipe, among others. As I note in my Epilogue, Bishop Paul Bootkowski , who was consecrated by McCarrick, was accused of having a homosexual relationship with Father Alfonso de Condorpusa of the Newark Diocese. Over the years my charges of sodomy against McCarrick and his homosexual offspring have never been challenged. Homosexual bishops and cardinals are blackmailable and make a perfect propaganda conduit for homosexual groups seeking to undermine the moral teachings of the Catholic Church. Randy Engel
    Also, many good Catholics, like school teachers who have taught “theology” 31 years in a Catholic school that has had three sex scandals (two homosexual) in 20 years believe that there’s nothing wrong with a homosexual priesthood and why else would anyone become a priest or religious and that it’s okay as long as it’s closeted (snicker snicker) and “the (our) family” is not endangered and we can use birth control or whatever else we want to do under the table and be empowered “laity”.

    1. You hopefully realize the Vatican 2 sect isn't the Catholic church.The post 1968 rite of holy orders is invalid.These men you cite are laymen playing the role of priest/bishop.Yes you're correct the homo's have infiltrated and destroyed 2-3 generations of former Catholics.

    2. For the conservatives of the Vat2 Sect as well as for the SSPX, Francis is a bad father but the true pope. Still, I'd advise any of them who have an audience with him to cellotape their bumholes because while he may be their true pope, he is a bad father.

    3. A man you recognize as valid bishop and priest,the vicar of our saivor the son of almighty G-d,is comparable to a "bumhole"? Wow and we sedevacantist are the ones which teach breath and preach Hersey?

  3. If the allegations of James Hamilton are correct, Francis basically appointed a paedophile as bishop.