Monday, April 27, 2015

The New Evangelization in the hip church of what's happening now!

Some of the long time readers of Call Me Jorge... may recognize this presbyter from the first Selfie Sunday entry posted.  He is none other than Roderick Vonhögen, a Dutch Novus Ordo priest. 

In the Novus Ordo, it's all about 'me'!

Fr. Roderick is a self-confessed science fiction / fantasy buff especially of the Star Wars and the Star Trek franchises.  Like Francis,  Fr. Roderick is all about the trivialities of the world. Recall, our post on Franics' latest impromptu interview concerning soccer.  Vonhögen has even written a book on his love of science fiction and fantasy while touting himself as a member of the avant-garde in social media.

Vonhögen has so many social media outlets, we doubt if we found them all.  There is his webpage, his twitter account #1, his twitter account #2, his facebook, his personal facebook, an instagram account, ad nauseam.  Taking a cue from his fellow presbyter, Fr. Zuhl$dorf, Roderick has a tin begging cup out as well.  On his patreon page, one can see that he has 81 patrons sending him $835.00 per month which works out to $10,020 per year.  What is the goal of this fund raising?  To help produce his four podcast shows and ultimately to make a documentary on Star Wars!  Is this man a priest or a comicon enthusiast posing as one?

Sister Cristina may save souls by opining on potato chips but this trio of presbyters saves souls by mock light saber fighting!

(from left to right) Fr. Darryl Millette, Fr. Kyle Sanders, and Fr. Roderick Vonhögen.

So how did Roderick Vonhögen get his start in social media?  If you guessed Saint John Paul II you are correct!  When John Paul II was sick in April 2005, Vonhögen began podcasting about the pontiff's health and one thing led to another until today, where we have the monstrosity of the Geek Priest.  In addition to all his social media outlets, Roderick founded & runs Star Quest Production Network and is host of Katholiek Nederland, a public television program.

Now on to the reason for this post.  The two videos below are typical of the garbage this Geek Priest churns out.  Watch him invoke the Old Testament story of David and Goliath in the second video when talking of Star Wars.

***** WARNING *****

Vonhögen uses God's name in vain several times in first video.

St. John-Marie Vianney would be horrified at this man

Some Novus Ordo theology for you
Living the Novus Ordo dream!

A Star Wars fan dressed as a jedi?  Nope, that's a priest.


  1. What a little-boy faggot.

  2. Pray for these little boys posing as invalid priests.Very soon we catholics will need validly ordained men for the trials we face as adults.The old valid priests are dying in droves! This little boy needs rosaries said for him daily.

    1. So true our priest needs our prayers more then ever.

    2. I wouldn't let this pretend presbyter anywhere near me. Sure, I can pray for him to convert to Catholicism and grow up and out of his infantile (and latently homophiliac) tendencies, but I'd pray that he stays far away from the true Catholic priesthood. He wouldn't know the first thing about it. That's rather evident. True Catholic priests are real men.

  3. I know we have valid priests/bishops operating outside the Vatican 2 sect.However we need more valid priests as the ones ordained/consecrated before July 1968 are dying off in big numbers.

  4. May be the boy is a patient of Drewmann' everything is clearer......may God have mercy!