RocketNews24 (R): All right, let’s start the taste test!
Cristina (C): Pretty much any chip is probably going to be good. (Eats.) This is my first time experiencing this kind of flavor, but it’s good.
RocketNews24 (R): Thank you. This next one is a little spicy.
C: (Eats.) Oh. Yes. Good, but definitely spicy. Water please! (Eats the next one.) I can’t even tell my mouth is still burning. (Drinks.) Okay, I’ll try another. (Eats.) Oh yeah, this is a pretty typical chip I think.
R: Well this next one is pretty different.
C: (Eats.) Definitely different. What is it?
R: It’s wasabi.
C: Ah that’s why I like it. I love wasabi. I’ll have another. (Eats.)
R: Okay, last one.
C: (Eats.) This is an interesting flavor. I’ll try another. (Eats.) It’s new for me. It tastes like it has onions or something.
R: It’s sour cream and onion.
C: It’s good. All right, here’s my ranking. Although I think you already know what my number one is. Take a guess.
R: Wasabi beef?
C: Oh yes. That’s number one. The spicy one is number two. Third is the pizza one. Then the consommé one, that was my first time trying that, so it’s number four. Then sour cream and onion, and the classic one in last place. The wasabi one is very good, I want to come back to Japan and have it again. Thank you!
R: Thank you very much.

Again, here’s the official Sister Cristina ranking of Japanese chips:
#1: Wasabiifu (wasabi and beef flavor)
#2: Karamuucho (hot chili flavor)
#3: Piza Poteto (pizza flavor)
#4: Poteto Chippusu (consommé punch)
#5: The Poterican (sour cream and onion)
#6: Poteto Chippusu (light salt)