Friday, May 15, 2015

An apology from Paul Nicholson?

...Don't hold your breathe!

From the bizarro world of the cracker jack of all cracker jack Opus (Ju)Dei presbyters, Paul Nicholson, we have a new blog post,  A Regrettable Mistake: Fr. Nicholas Gruner and Me.  One might think from the title that this 'regrettable mistake' was Nicholson's behavior towards Gruner the day after he passed away but then you would be mistaken.  Nicholson uses this post to take another stab at Gruner while at the same time comparing Louie Verrecchio of HarvestingTheFruit to one Archbishop Milingo who apostatized from the church and married a woman.  The reason for the 'regrettable mistake' is Gruner trusted Abp. Milingo just as Nicholson trusted Verrecchio.  The 'regrettable mistake' according to Nicholson is that he confided in Verrecchio that he was being disobedient towards his superior and Verrecchio shared this in a blog post!  What is laughable is that Nicholson doesn't deny the charge he was disobedient towards his own bishop!  Instead he performs a character assassination of Louie!  Isn't Gruner's disobedience the very reason Nicholson is so adamant in his attacks of Gruner?  Apparently, some priests are more equal than others.  Nicholson's backhanded attack reminds us of the story of Esther which he is so enthralled with.  Indeed 2015 is a year of Esther for this Opus (Ju)Dei prelate.

Did this priest get his orders from a box of Cracker Jack?

Watching this video leads one to believe so.

"It is ugly to see a priest who lives to please himself, who acts like a peacock!"

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  1. Is he trying to imitate Bsp. Fulton Sheen with the way he moves his shoulders and body while he speaks? He sounds like he's selling sugary breakfast cereal to a bunch of toddlers.

    Jesus, Mary and Joseph, I love you, save souls.

  2. I read Nicholson's blog post ("A Regrettable Mistake") and wanted to comment but I don't subscribe to Google or any of the other ways to post.
    I wanted to ask Nicholson what, 'our beloved Holy Father' (his words) will say to the article on CNA (link below). My guess is the 'Holy Father' will find a plausible way to ignore it, like a good Jesuit.
    www. catholicnews agency. com/ news/ former-soviet-spy-we-created-liberation-theology-83634/

    1. ....Father Nicholson has taken up the stonewall I-have-no-basis-for-"my"-position-while-I-ridicule-and-declare-schismatic-without-authority technique of deleting those posts that even hint at the absurd hypocrisy that he calls blogging. Much like his close associates, ahem, I mean distant friends with who he only has little contact over at ChurchMilitant.

      The fact that the blog moderators over there pretty much quote the good padre while shutting down the farce of playing Pope while decrying those who supposedly are attempting to - well - play Pope is merely circumstantial. Why? Because Father Nicholson assures us that he is obedient. While at the same time telling everyone to give the Holy Father the benefit of the doubt and, well, admonishing us to look to history.

      That said, I wonder why an accurate review of the public record that is VII documents is somehow off the table when it comes to that recommendation? Do what I say, but, well, not really. Just like my selfie and follow me on facebook!

  3. Back in the day, I attended many a parish mission given by the Passionists and Redemptorists. This fellow is pathetic and gives the impression that, when he finishes on stage, he goes home and watches himself on tape over and over again! How could he possibly be winning over those young souls to the True Faith?