Thursday, May 7, 2015

Bring your dog, grab a table, drink some coffee, eat some cookies, pull out your tablet or cellular phone and use the free Wi-Fi at the Church of St. Anton, Messenger of Peace

Francis 'the humble's' new church of mercy!

Iglesia de San Anton de Mensajeros de la Paz

Padre Angel (no joke that's his name) 
explains how great his church is


If you want to pray or attend Mass go elsewhere.


  1. Have these people no concept of the Sacred,you can drink coffee and play with tablets anywhere ,the purpose of a Church is the worship of God.why would anyone put a TV or vending machines in a Church ,it would be better to deconsecrate this Church its a cafe.

  2. De verdad se merecen que los Moros vuelvan y se apoderen de España de nuevo. Han embarrado a la Fé completamante.

    1. The way things are going the Muslims will take over Spain again.