Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Francis interview #1,000,001

Yes, Francis felt he needed to be interviewed again so as to demonstrate how humble he is.  Why he longs to saunter in the streets and go to a pizzeria where he can eat a good pizza.  Learn all about the mysterious man from Argentina such as,

  • dreams of creating a poverty free Utopia of the world
  • hasn't watched television since 15 July 1990
  • reads only one newspaper, the Italian socialist daily, La Repubblica
  • used to fear the media
  • loves people & general audiences
  • desires to be remembered as a 'good guy'
  • and much, much more!

The full interview (in Spanish) with La Voz del Pueblo can be read by (clicking here).

or one can read EWTN's highlights by (clicking here).


  1. Nota bene: No Talmudic Rabbis around so he displayed his pectoral cross.

  2. this is getting truly embarrassing

  3. How this is possible to be a pope, "good guy", who betrays Jesus... I bet, for some people Judas was also good guy, too...