Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Francis' utopian dream of a poverty free world that is ecologically safe but...

In a recent interview, Francis explained how we the people of the earth need three things;
  1. a memory of the past,
  2. the ability to see the present, and
  3. a future utopia to strive towards.

Before that interview was made public, Francis met with the communist dictator of Cuba, Raul Castro who said,
"As I've already told my council of advisers, I read all of the pope's speeches.  If the Pope continues to speak like this, sooner or later I will start praying again and I will return to the Catholic Church -- and I'm not saying this jokingly."

America Magazine had Francis response to Raul's visit:

"For his part, Francis presented the Cuban President with a copy of his Apostolic Exhortation, Evangelii Gaudium (“The Joy of the Gospel”) and, looking at him with a smile, remarked, “There are here some declarations that you will like!”   He also gave Castro a medallion with an image of St Martin of Tours that shows the saint covering poor people with his cloak, and explained, “I very much like to give you this gift because it is an insight into what we have to do:  to care for (‘cubrir’) the misery of our people, and then to promote their dignity.”"
Does anyone out there really think for a second, Raul is moving towards becoming a Catholic?  We at Call Me Jorge... believe this statement by Raul Castro is a sign from God that the Vatican is continuing to move away from the religion instituted by Our Lord Jesus the Christ and instead is embracing Marx's religion of communism.

Then we have the deafening silence from the Vatican in the days leading up to the vote to amend Ireland's constitution to allow persons of the same sex to legally marry one another.  These days the Vatican only speaks out about poverty, albeit while conviently neglecting to mention the evils of usury.  It always about saving or helping the corporal body or making life better in the physical world but never do they show concern for the well-being of souls.  At this point Francis has turned the Novus Ordo into an NGO.

This investigative report (in pdf) linked to below from 2014 connects some of the dots between the Novus Ordo, sodomy, Caritas Internationalis, abortion, communists, etc...  They all seem to have the same goal in mind which simply is this, morally perverting the world while claiming they are eradicating poverty!  This is Francis' utopian dream and the peoples' of this world nightmare.


  1. It seems that communism is for the people,and not their leaders ,otherwise their would be no poor in communist countries.

  2. This is extremely reminiscent of the Chinese Communist era propaganda during the tyrannical dictatorship of the psychopath Chairman Mao and his sociopathic wife.
    Does Francis have his pectoral cross stuffed away out of sight?

  3. Same thing happened in Maryland while the faggots and maggots gave their token $2000 and worked behind the scenes since 1977 to get sodomy legalized. They educated the young just like they educated their parents:
    "I was proud to go home and leave the issue in the hands of the younger members of our faith community, knowing that they were going to carry the torch," he said. "We older folks will be taking the lead from them as we all move forward together."

    Since 1977 - the "new" evangelization has been in full swing:
    "that term, "new ways," caught the attention and the hearts of a priest and nun team who were doing ministry with the gay and lesbian community. Father Robert Nugent, SDS, and Sister Jeannine Gramick, SSND, adopted that phrase for the title of the workshops they were giving in Washington, DC, to Catholic pastoral workers and others interested in gay and lesbian issues. These "New Ways Workshops" were sponsored by the Quixote Center, a Maryland-based Catholic social justice group. One year later, in 1977, these "New Ways Workshops" blossomed into a separate non-profit organization, New Ways Ministry, devoted to Catholic gay and lesbian concerns.

    The FFI friars can't change orders but bull dyke lesbians who show PORN & sado masochism films to girls 20 years before planned parenthood:

    "Reacting to complaints from parents and alumnae at Notre Dame Prep, Cardinal William H. Keeler announced yesterday that an "appalling" and "inappropriate" video containing explicit pornography would no longer be used by teachers there....r. Blaul, the cardinal's public relations director, reviewed the film for him and described it as "disgusting." Its many examples of hard-core pornography -- strung together by discussions using coarse language -- include close-ups of genitals, sexual intercourse, masturbation and sado-masochism."

    "she saw Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger... "When he found out who I was, he just smiled and said 'Oh, I've known about you for 20 years,'" she said." (too bad "catholic" parents didn't!)

    Maybe Fairy Rat Benedict will be sAinted on the basis of this miracle:
    "Doesn't she fear excommunication, if she persists in her crusade? "No. But when I was going through the investigation process my provincial put the idea in my head. She insisted we take a pilgrimage to the birthplace of our foundress to pray for a miracle," she recalls with an affectionate smile. Through SHEER COINCIDENCE, travelling on the plane between Rome and Munich was Cardinal Ratzinger himself.
    "My superior went up to him and said, 'Sr Jeannine is a very good sister. We're very afraid she's going to get excommunicated'. And he replied, 'Oh, no no... it's not that level of doctrine'," she laughs, admitting that her miracle had happened on the plane.

    Same way the rats dealt w/the 'theologians' who preach heresy and the politicians (baby killer and sodomy promoter O'Malley (for Prezident)) who enact the heresy -- whom they actually agree w/ - "reprimanded" but left in place to teach and do what the faggot maggots want done.

  4. Then Vainswine (sAint Ratz spouse secretary) Wuerl, Vigano and Cordileone get these sado masochists welcomed at the Vatican w/VIP seating for Ash Wednesday 'papal audience' to celebrate unrepentantly living in SIN (and sodomizing and corrupting children to death)!

    "In what is surely the most official welcome from Church officials that New Ways Ministry has received in its 38-year history, a pilgrimage group of 48 LGBT Catholics and supporters led by our co-founder, Sister Jeannine Gramick, SL, received VIP seating at the papal audience in St. Peter’s Square, Vatican City, on Ash Wednesday, February 18, 2015."

    In December, Francis DeBernardo, the executive director at New Ways Ministry, and I had a very cordial meeting with Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone, who is known for his strong opposition to same-sex civil marriage. We knew where we disagreed, but we met to discuss areas of agreement. I suggested that his sending my letter of request to the Pope would be a common pastoral matter. As I did not hear from Cordileone for more than a month, I approached my local bishop, Cardinal Donald Wuerl, in Washington, D.C. Because of the shortness of time before our departure to Rome, Cardinal Wuerl suggested that the letter be given to the Apostolic Nuncio, Archbishop Carlo Viganò, to send to the Pope, which I did. During the 10 days before we left for Italy, several things occurred. First, the Apostolic Nuncio assured me that my correspondence had been transmitted to the Holy See. Second, Archbishop Cordileone’s secretary phoned to say that the Archbishop had scanned and emailed my letter to the Secretary of State’s office. Third, I received a letter from Archbishop Georg Gänswein, Prefect of the Papal Household and a personal secretary of emeritus pope Benedict XVI, indicating that there were reserved tickets for our group for the general Wednesday audience."

    There's been a climate change all right - centered at Rome, Italy where the stench of the novus odor gets stronger every day.