Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Padre Francisco

'Padre Francisco' by Miguel Cantilo

We at Call Me Jorge... do not know who Miguel Cantilo is nor do we care.  His appearance suffices for us.  One glace and we get the impression he is an old rock n' roll revolutionary making money before being sent back to the old folks home in Argentina where they must keep Noahide radicals like himself.  What is interesting are the lyrics to the song he wrote and sings.   The original Spanish lyrics are below, followed by a computer translation into English.  

Padre Francisco

Padre Francisco,
No les pregunte lo que piensan sobre Cristo,
tienen otra preocupación,
Padre Francisco,
le han agregado un nuevo clavo al crucifijo,
para olvidarlo en la pared, pan y trabajo,

De que milagros habla usted,
techo y debajo,
la tierra donde cultivar la razón y la fe.

Padre Francisco,
Haga que multipliquen los panes para el pueblo,
de lo contrario no habrá dios.

Padre Francisco,
Ya no podemos darle al Cesar, lo del Cesar,
pues se lo lleva sin pedir,
alce sus manos, para evocar la protección,
de los hermanos, cuyo pecado fue nacer,
sin control ni calor.

Padre Francisco,
no le preocupe que lo llamen comunista,
con estandartes y altavoz.
Padre Francisco,
salga por Cristo a predicar,
una justicia más audaz.

ya no recaiga, háblele al alma,
Del pueblo de pié,
se necesita tanta fe,
sea usted capaz.

Father Francisco,
Do not ask them what they think about Christ,
They have another concern,
Father Francisco,
They have added a new nail to the crucifix,
to forget the wall, bread and work,

That miracles you speak,
roof and below,
cultivate the land where reason and faith.

Father Francisco,
Make multiply the loaves for the people,
otherwise there will be no god.

Father Francisco,
We can not give to Caesar what Caesar,
then he takes it without asking,
Moose their hands, to evoke protection,
brothers, whose sin was born,
without control or heat.

Father Francisco,
do not worry you to be called a communist,
with banners and speaker.
Father Francisco,
exit to preach Christ,
a bolder justice.

no longer falls, talk to the soul,
The people standing,
so much faith is needed,
Whether you are capable.


  1. Man does not. live by bread alone ,but by every Word that proceeds from the mouth of God .Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and you will have all else besides .

  2. Bread and circuses - it's worked before, it works now.