Saturday, May 30, 2015

Pope Francis High

Enroll your son or daughter before it's too late!

This high school will not be known for its academics nor Catholicism but instead for its 'mercy' and 'spiritual hugs'.

In only four short years, 
have your child learn how to:

Socialize with commies!

 Hide the cross from the Talmudic Jews, as we don't want to offend the 'chosen people'

Eat Francis' favorites: pasta, bread, and anything with sugar,
none of Michelle Obama's nasty food is served here!

Wear cool shirts like this on out of uniform days!

Travel abroad!

Ride in the Popemobile!

 Mingle with pro-abortion politicians!

 Hang out with fellow apostates!

Play with children!

Have your henchmen put neo-pelagians in their place!

Break the rules! (That's a man dressed as a woman whose feet he is washing.)

All about why we should follow the Noahide Laws!

Fill out the paperwork for a National ID Card & Passport!

To maximize cash flow from underutilized assets!

Be interviewed so that you are clearly understood by all!

Do 'hip' things like high-fives!

Make body-art!

Pose for selfies like the Kardashians do!

Drink from kiddie cups!

Influence the hearts & minds of the new generation!

Tell blasphemous jokes about Our Lord!

Learn papal manners!

Give a single hug!

 Give a group hug!

Play sport!

Serve a proper kosher meal!

Lastly, spout heresies from your mouth every time it opens!


  1. I laughed out loud ---I really needed to laugh because it is so maddening.
    Hey, remember Sesame Street and that stupid song "The [Noahide] Rainbow Connection"? Of course, they left out the word Noahide in the title. It's called predictive programming. HolyWood and mass media use predictive programming all the time.

    Here is a link to the lyrics. (In masonry, the 'morning star' is lucifer. Also, note the words starting at 'All of us under its spell'.)

    From a secular standpoint, you may be interested in checking out Dave McGowan's website, The Center for an Informed America. He's written some very interesting books, among them, "Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon," about the Laurel Canyon music 'scene' in the 1960s and 70s and the uncanny connections to the military-industrial complex. Mr. McGowan has recently taken ill and the prognosis is poor. I dont' know how much longer the website will be up and functioning. My point being, this is a world wide takeover which has taken many centuries and the great majority of people haven't a clue that 'entertainment' has always played a key role to prepare the minds of the masses for each step of the way. That's why the Church always warned the faithful away from secular entertainments and pursuits in theater, etc. Alan Watt's site, 'Cutting Through the Matrix' (dot com) is also an extremely good secular site with hundreds of recorded talks he's given over many years to show the progression toward globalism/one-world.

  2. Thank you, Anonymous, for those research leads.