Saturday, May 9, 2015


The origins of connecting Francis with pop aptly comes from WYD Rio 2013.  It was shortly before his visit to Rio that the youth there began referring to Francis as the "Pop Pope".  These videos from the Novus Ordo church with the song POPE is POP sum up Francis and his pontificate.  The Novus Ordo's last hurrah is the media driven popularity of Francis.  Like eating cotton candy, Francis provides no spiritual substance nor does he pass on any traditional church teachings.  What he does is sell poison to the masses while telling them it is spiritual nourishment.

Get your Francis bobbleheads to add to your pop culture collection of kitsch!


  1. Hallelujah! Thank God Almighty! We is all saved!!

  2. He doesn't provide spiritual nourishment nor pass on Traditional Catholic teachings, why is he pope then? Does he know why he is pope and what he should do, probably not.

  3. He cannot be a pope, because he's not Catholic, it's elementary, he doesn't know why he's a pope and what he should do, but knows very well why they elected him, and only God could say why He allowed this disgrace, maybe it's what we deserve.