Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The New Evangelization in Israel

The Talmudic Jewish tradition is the root of French nun's faith.


  1. Do you know what that move they are making at 2:08-09 is? Looks like a new version of the sign of the cross (?) I have never seen it before.

    1. We thought it odd as well. Not certain what they are doing and will post more on it if we turn up any information.


  2. The strains of buddhist temple music heard throughout the video. I watched the video at 2:08 quite a few times and realized they touch their forehead first, then left should, right shoulder and the center of the chest last.
    Also, that's an interesting checkerboard floor in the hallway scene where 'sister agnes' 'vests'.
    Here are some sites found:
    Black box saturnalia at 1:27 and singing the name Yeshua throughout, at 2:49 the candelabra over and above the depiction of Christ and the apostles.
    This video, from 2012, is over 1 hour in duration and in French - but I see the word scandal in the appears there was a pontifical commission of some sort?
    Found the scandal:

  3. "The Dudes of the Beatitudes"
    Charismatic, psychotherapy, commune living; all of the makings of a one world mish-mash.

  4. There's that hackneyed use of the "new" euphemism once more. Novus Ordo, New Dawn, ReNew; Neo-Catechumenal Way etc., etc. New Evangelisation - totally divided and chaotic church splintering into protestant type sectarian pieces.