Sunday, June 28, 2015

A Catholic working for Hasbara?

Click on the screenshot below.  Max is a member of the Facebook group: Israeli Hasbara. Unbelievable!?  We were assured by Robert Siscoe in his Remnant Newspaper interview with Krah titled,  Krahgate  An Interview with Maximilian Krah, that he was an upstanding Catholic!  People who asserted Krah was a Zionist or even a Mossad agent were pushed aside as nonsensical by Siscoe in the interview.

What is Hasbara?

Glad, you asked. 

Click on the screenshot below to see the explanation on the Israeli Hasbara's facebook page, the group Max is a member of.

Hasbara, according to the Jerusalem Post article Hasbara, public diplomacy and propaganda, is the polite term used by Israelis for 'propoganda',

Hasbara is Israel’s main “soft-power” tool, aimed primarily at external audiences, unlike the negatively perceived “propaganda,” which is directly internally. It is the bad guys who engage in propaganda, promoting their goals and narratives by fabricating facts, manipulating the media and deceiving everyone into thinking that they are the good guys. Hasbara is what we - the good guys - do, in order to explain how good we really are, and expose how bad the bad guys are.

For instance, explaining that Jews have been living in the Holy Land for 3,000 years and have a right to their ancient homeland – this is hasbara, but when Palestinians say that the Jews are foreigners and the Temple never existed – this is propaganda.  

Let's recap, Krah:

Don't worry though, the Remnant Newspaper as well as Bp. Fellay assured us that Krah is a - O.K. !

Benedict XVI gives Kosher Krah a thumb up!

Even though Krah claims not to like Francis...
Francis gives Kosher Krah 2 thumbs up!

Netanyahu gives Krah's work for the FSSPX 2 thumbs up!


  1. According to latest RorateCaeli (though they don't say it's a "first" or "rorate exclusive" or require a "hat tip" - not that I'm saying there's anything odd or self-exalting about that - I am glad to give credit to who is now on the SSPX bandwagon including the Remnant & Harvesting the Fruit) Fellay has declared that FRANCIS has kept his promises to the SSPX and sees them as Catholic -- it's so hard to believe how many people respect men more than the promises of Jesus Christ.

  2. Krah is the likely proximate cause of the SSPX series on The Jews being dropped down the Angelus Memory Hole.

    The SSPX had been publishing the truthh about the Jews - wisely referencing the works of the great Fr Fahey -but they suddenly disappeared