Thursday, June 25, 2015

a handy guide to Laudato si'

Donald R. McClarey, writing for The American Catholic, felt Francis' new encyclical, Laudato si' was in need of an editor.  Mr. McClarey took it upon himself as a public service to strip the encyclical of all its fluff and provides the reader with this slimmed down version, all without any loss of content, in five parts below.  A big thanks to Donald for taking this task upon himself!



    1. ****** WARNING *******

      The video above is blasphemous & sacrilegious to say the least and not at all funny. It clearly shows how the world views the modernist church.

  2. I know it’s very wrong, but don’t we [Catholics] deserve it? If you understand Spanish I leave you with two more from the same kind of sense of humor.

  3. Until the day that God restores a True Pope to the Chair of Peter, we should feel free to use the expression "Habemus antipapam. "