Thursday, June 4, 2015

Bruce Jenner's mental illness

When will the insanity stop?


  1. It's just like the neo-cons - they continue to follow Frances because to (truly) call him a heretic & shun him (and the FALSE worship of VC2) would be "to embrace hell" - at least that's how pewsitter headlines it "Crescat: I remain Catholic because to leave the Church is to embrace Hell " - you can see how the how the foul modernist w/neo con fairysee trappings herself labels it:

    Meanwhile "The Remnant" floats the question: "REMNANT COMMENT: Question: Is it better for souls and for the life of the Church if Francis were to abdicate, or would the prospect of three popes in Rome lead to a greater crisis than Francis has caused already?" [and they call Voris a spinmeister]

    Blessed feast of Corpus Christi to you.

  2. This Jenner episode in the agenda is meant to not only help widen the already open doors of the barn, but to also ensure they stay open so that already mentally disturbed and perverse people feel that this Jenner pervert gives them a new avenue of perversion which they are incapable of now keeping in check. Misery does indeed love company.

    I personally heard from a family member today that a sodomite member of our family, who has engaged in the sodomite perversion for years and who has had a friend for well over 25 years who is of the same ilk, has been told by his friend that the friend is now thinking that he never was simply a man who engages in sodomite activities, but that he has perhaps actually been a 'woman' all these years. Perversion is hard to stop once it gets started.

    The curious thing is that the sodomite in our family is completely against his friend following through with this latest perverted idea--of physically and chemically castrating himself, even though this family member normally is utterly libertine on all issues of perversion... rather telling of how much sodomites despise women.