Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Francis' general audiences reflect the secularized degeneration of Vatican II's Novus Ordo & also of its 'New Evangelization'


  1. I think at 2:49 camera cuts away just as franny starts to pick nose - sure doesn't look well. Guess the financial consultants are trying to get crowds however they can.

  2. The word 'fregare' as commonly used by Italians can also mean that a person doesn't 'give a damn', or 'couldn't care less' as in, "non mi frega" or "me ne frego" or "che me ne frega?" (The last one means, "why would I give a damn? or "what does it matter to me?")
    In this little ditty, which the man Giusti repeats in several different Italian dialects, the subject matter is the theft of a spare tire from an automobile and then stole the entire care. When one discusses theft, the more genteel word would be 'rubare', or 'truffare', rather than 'fregare'.