Monday, June 15, 2015

Horrors of the Novus Ordo Missae

Andrzej Duda, the president-elect of Poland, attended the Sunday 8 June 2015 Corpus Christi service, officiated by Cardinal Kazimierz Nycz, the archbishop of Warsaw.  After the consecration the wind blew off the table one of the consecrated hosts and it flew to the ground. The Polish President rose swiftly, trapped the wafer on the ground, proceeded to pick it up and then handed to the cardinal.

President of Poland picks up a consecrated host

We don't know about you but none of us, here at Call Me Jorge..., has consecrated hands, so we would have alerted either the priest himself or one of the altar boys to tell the priest about what happened to the wafer. Then again, the Father would have been offering Mass at an altar rather than a table and it would have taken place indoors rather than outside in a stadium-like atmosphere.  This demonstrates clearly that there is no difference in the Novus Ordo rubrics between a presbyter and a layman. We wonder if Andrzej Duda is also a eucharistic minister?


  1. It seems the bottom has been chopped off your video compared to this one:

    But still you can see the president is kneeling while all around him (except for one guy next to him) sit (women in immodest dress) and rises from his knees to retrieve the host. Also I question your view that the host "flew off a table" since you can see the priest (who was distributing communion(?)) turn and actually walk off as the president is retrieving the host @ 5-6 seconds (they are in the frame together). The shot I consider priceless is at about 11 seconds, where the three shocked laymen stare at the back of the fairy faggot who can't be bothered to stop for the Body of Christ but has turned his back and walked off in gritted disapproving dismay and disgust. Then of course another lay man comes up and ushers them toward the priest - but note well when the president comes back he doesn't return to his knees but sits back in his folding chair @39 not quite knowing what to think (@45 look at the face of the two men who were previously kneeling).

    Another NO Corpus Christi celebration that successfully destroys more souls' belief in the real presence! Go Team B!

    Of course what the president (and all those people there probably) don't know (and never ever think about the sacred body and blood of Christ for it to occur to them) is that all the unconsumed hosts will be tossed into black garbage bags and piled up for the trashman after these stadium masses:

    "I have heard from a priest at another WYD that the consecrated hosts that were not consumed were so numerous that they had to be put in black garbage bags!"

    "I have a close priest friend whose conversion to Tradition occurred in 1995 when, as a seminarian at Mt. St. Mary’s, he was forced (yes, forced) to distribute Holy Communion at John Paul II’s Mass at Camden Yard.

    He saw hosts in large clear plastic garbage bags “consecrated” hundreds of yards away from the altar. Afterward, he saw those same bags still full actually pitched into dumpsters along with hosts scattered in the stands. "

    Communion in the hand distributed, even by the Pope himself, and unconsecrated hands distributing the sacred Hosts willy-nilly to any and all in attendance;

    Sacred Hosts being scattered around on the WYD grounds and falling in the mud where they are trampled on;

    Bishops, priests and the Pope remaining seated on the platform observing the irreverent distribution of the Sacred Hosts while doing nothing to prevent it.

    At the 2008 papal WYD Mass in Sydney, Australia, Pope Benedict XVI continued the tradition of his predecessor by denigrating the Real Presence. After the conclusion of the papal Mass, when the Pope and supporting Bishops and clergy had made their exodus, many of the sacred vessels were left unattended.

    A crowd descended on the unattended sacred vessels and, without scruples, began filling their bags, pockets and coats with the remaining Sacred Hosts while others stood by and watched. Still other members of the crowd dipped their fingers into the chalices filled with the Precious Blood in order to dab their foreheads with the contents.

    Sacred Body and Blood of Christ distributed just like free condoms!

    1. - Also I question your view that the host "flew off a table" -

      We wrote that because that is what two descriptions of the event we read said.

  2. The priests reacted late and possibly with little care, but no Duda.

  3. I guess this got publicity because it's a surprise that anybody bothered to pick up the Body and Blood of Christ -- let alone a PRESIDENT --- the priest sure didn't bother!

  4. The President Elect of Poland is a very good man. He is a good Catholic in these anti-Catholic times.

    He gets it from the left, the liberals, the "organised" and now even from yourselves.

    What is a man to do but suffer. Please Lord help Andrzej Duda and please help the author of this piece.


    1. Good man or not, Andrzej Duda should have been taught that only consecrated hands are to touch the host. This simple fact of the Catholic Faith seems to have been destroyed by the Novus Ordo Missae.

  5. It is better to be picked up by non-consecrated hands then being trodden by feet. Aren't you too big zealot in this situation? My tongue is not consecrated however Jesus is coming to me. What is the difference between my tongue and my hands?

    I am strongly against communion on hands, but president Duda saved Jesus in that situation. You are purely over-exaggerate this time. Jesus gave an example about David eating the bread from the Altar what was considered sin, but not in this case when he was so hungry... You are less understanding the specific nature of this situation than Jesus Himself!

  6. Anon @ 6:43 PM - Do you think Duda purified his hands after touching the host (does he after any communion)? More importantly - did you see anyone purify the ground where the host fell -- how do you know no-one walked on the host? How do you know President Duda himself didn't walk on Jesus Christ right after he picked up most of the host? Also what happened to the host that Duda retrieved off the ground? Does Duda know? Do you? I think a lot of people are going around saying and thinking that they are "saving" things (such as "Jesus Christ" (and babies)) when they are actually participating (and consenting) in the sacrilege and crimes of the many.

  7. You're wrong:

    "I answer that,... Hence it is not lawful for anyone else to touch it except from necessity, for instance, if it were to fall upon the ground, or else in some other case of urgency."

    III Question 82. The minister of this sacrament
    Article 3. Whether dispensing of this sacrament belongs to a priest alone?