Thursday, June 4, 2015

Maradiaga's song for Francis

Have some Novus Ordo fun!  

Today's entertainment is brought to us by Cardinal Maradiaga, a member of Francis' Council of Cardinals.  Maridiaga sings a tune he composed in honor for Francis on COPE (Cadena de Ondas Populares Españolas translated as "People's Radiowaves of Spain Network") a Spanish radio network owned by a series of institutions within the Spanish Catholic Church.  Maradiaga just completed his 2nd five-year term as president of Caritas Internationalis.  One thing good we can say about Rodriguez Maradiaga is that he is a better singer than he is a giver of speeches.

Maradiaga's song for Francis

Why didn't he bring his saxophone along?

Caritas Internationalis' "Jam for Justice" 

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  1. Ah! Marxian Egalitarian Society - Comrades Francis & Rodriguez lead the Workers' Revolutionary Council towards a Communist Utopia devoid of The Roman Catholic Faith.