Tuesday, June 16, 2015

What did Putin and Francis talk about at their meeting?

Call Me Jorge... speculates as to what was said during the 50 minutes.

On 10 June 2015, Vladimir Putin met with Francis at the Vatican.  The media made a big fuss out of Putin being one hour late for the appointment.  (This is funny because if one is a bishop who wants to meet with Francis, one basically shows up at the Vatican and waits for days, even weeks to talk to the man.  This is because Francis keeps his appointment book on his person and only shares his plans with his inner circle.)  Less important to them was what they discussed.  It was reported they talked of the Ukraine and the Middle East.  We wonder if they shared a good laugh that the head of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg worked for the KGB (code name "Steklov") or maybe Putin explained how Russia through its use of KGB assets Gerhard Schroeder and Angela Merkel (code name "Erika") helped make the European Union dependent upon Russian energy.  Perhaps, Francis even asked Putin if Max Krah was a Stasi agent.  More likely, Putin shared with Francis how he is helping to turn Russia into a multicultural cesspool by using the policies of Alesandr Dugin which promote illegal immigration, continue to allow abortion, and construct a pan Turkish-Russian Eurasia.

Illegal immigration is near and dear to Francis' heart.

They probably also compared notes on how they run their public relations and their respective countries by constantly keeping everyone confused.  Francis has certainly kept Bp. Fellay in that state of mind.

Adam Curtis a graduate of the elite Sevenoaks School explains Putin's use of the non-linear war concept of Vladislav Surkov

Of course it wouldn't be a Noahide meeting if Francis didn't share some stories of his first kosher job working for Talmudic Jews or how he helped hide communist books from the Argentine government for his mentor, Esther Careaga, who was yes a communist.

Did Putin share this story with Francis?

Did he brag about how he is helping
to Talmudize the Russian peoples?

Maybe they reminisced about...

...lighting the menorah

...visiting Yad Vashem

...going to the Western Wall


  1. I bet you they talked about a "word from a different age":



  2. It's not the same, Putin is simply a head of state, Francisco represents the Catholic religion.
    Moreover, Putin wanted some months ago that Francis performed the consecration of Russia:

    As for Ukraine, the conflict was deliberately provoked by the USA (you must have into account the situation in Syria, Egipt, Libia):

    1. Russia has already been consecrated by Pius XII in 1952.

      Putin in a commie & KGB, why would he tell Kramer the truth?

    2. That’s a western urban myth about Putin, very naïve, a joke in the eastern countries… It would be easier to believe that Putin asked for the consecration of the Catholic Church to the FSB! However, the Russian Orthodox Patriarch addressing before the State Duma, calling for a revival of Soviet-era solidarity, is a fact reported in the newspapers, not a myth. If you can be able to understand the whole meaning of this fact, you won’t fall on urban myths and you shall be scared like Catholics are in Ukraine and in the other eastern countries. I love the byzantine tradition but about the soviet solidarity, no thanks.





  3. Can you confirm that consecration of Pius XII with an official document?
    Putin is a former KGB. Today at least he not support the gay agenda.And the US government is Masonicand Gnostic before and now.
    Who financed communism in Russia in 1917?

    1. Watch the video above by Adam Curtis, Putin controls the sodomite agenda in Russia.

      As for the consecration of Russia by Pius XII see SACRO VERGENTE ANNO, #9 (7 July 1952)

    2. Russia has not attacked Libya and Syria, did not support the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Russian gay agenda is not so power in USA. Putin is not a saint, but Putin is not surrounding USA by military bases prepared for attack at any time.
      How is Putin presenting by the main news of the Western world? That is already an answer. Who really has the power in the West?

    3. We do not understand what you point you are trying to make.

      Russia is a corrupt police state run by oligarchs, criminals, and the KGB.

  4. What I mean is that Obama and his handlers, is more dangerous than Putin and his entourage.

  5. From the Russian-Jewish Mafiya to the messianic sect of Chabad Lubavitch. Virtually ignored in the MSM, it has been busy undermining mainstream Judaism while exerting a powerful hold on key positions of international power.


  6. Big shift: Russians turn their back on Serbs and recognize Srebrenica genocide.

  7. I do not live in EE. UU: neither in Russia, living in a Western country; I am a Catholic Slavonic.
    But Obama hurts me more than Putin. I have Russian friends who want to become Catholics, who inform me in very realistic form and arguments about Putin and Russia.
    "the non-linear war concept" It is typically Slavic;They are fans of strategy games. In public pools they play chess:
    In short, the war takes many forms. If I am forced to war, I have to do it more efficiently, without ever becoming crime.

    By the other hand, do you go with Tradition in Action or Novus Ordo Watch?

  8. http://www.catholicculture.org/news/headlines/index.cfm?storyid=24711

    1. Euro Maidan was supported from this church.
      Well, after Obamacre, what now?

  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=25&v=YikbEhugy7U

  10. Well, Israel doesn't like Putin's attack against the ISIS.