Friday, July 31, 2015

An exemplary Novus Ordo Catholic...

Actor, Johnny Depp and comedian Jimmy Kimmel make out on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

For those who have never heard of James Christian "Jimmy" Kimmel, he is a comedian and host of a North American late-night talk show named Jimmy Kimmel Live!  Mr. Kimmel was raised Catholic and also was an altar boy when growing up.  He is divorced  from his first wife, Gina Kimmel, and currently married to Molly McNearney.  In between his two wives he co-habitated with a Christ hater, Sarah Silverman.  Besides blaspheming Christ in her stand-up routines, Silverman is very active in the pro-abortion movement and in the Talmudic religion.  Why bring up Jimmy Kimmel?  Well, he is the perfect example of what passes today for a Catholic.  No word if he got an annulment from his first wife but he must have since he said of his then upcoming second wedding,
"It'll be mostly a family affair and there will be a Catholic priest officiating."
Recently, the videos(click here & here) about Planned Parenthood and Stem Express have surfaced.  The mainstream media, in reality five interlocked companies, didn't like the negative attention being paid to these two companies so they did something about it.  The news shows on all their outlets covered the the killing of a lion by a dentist which happened early this month.  Oh the outrage, why it was so horrible this dentist killed a lion!  Ignore the murder of millions upon millions of children and focus on this politically correct story.  The White House even announced they were going to open an investigation, no not on the murder of human beings but on the killing of this lion!  Back to Mr. Kimmel, on his late-night talk show he went off on how horrible the dentist was an even shed a tear or two for the poor lion. 

No tears for aborted children

Maybe if babies had GPS trackers in the womb and Oxford was doing a study on them, Jimmy would be outraged.  Or maybe if they had chopped the lion up and sold him for medical research it would be OK for Kimmel.

Here's Jimmy on the Howard Stern Show telling a joke:

STERN: Does anyone go over your material first — anyone from the president’s organization or anything?
KIMMEL: No. Nobody even hinted at asking to see my material.
STERN: Were there jokes you left out because you felt they were too harsh about the president?
KIMMEL: Yeah, there were. Yeah. I mean, you know…
STERN: You wouldn’t have felt comfortable delivering it because it would have been over the top?
KIMMEL: Like, I decided right off the bat that the N word was out.
STERN: You did, that’s not like you. You use the N word every night in your monologue at least twice. [Both laugh]
KIMMEL: I had some jokes about — like Rick Santorum. I said something like — well, I didn’t say it, but: Newt Gingrich’s campaign is so dead Mitt Romney wants to baptize it and Rick Santorum wants to put it in a jar and show it to his kids.
STERN: You didn’t want any abortion jokes?
KIMMEL: People went like, uh-oh. I ran it by people who go to this thing.
STERN: Who do you run it by?
KIMMEL: There’s a guy named Jake Tapper at ABC News, I ran jokes by him. He’s been there a lot of times. There are a few other people — reporters.
source: Jim Romenesko blog

The reference to Rick Santorum was Kimmel mocking the miscarriage of Rick's wife and his grieving family. Wow Mr. Kimmel, you shed a tear for a lion but not for a child.  Do you pray to the same god as Francis?

Kimmel has mocked Tim Tebow's anti-abortion commercial,  had pro-life demonstrators arrested on the public sidewalk outside the theater his show is filmed at, and also mocked people who believe marriage is between a man and a woman.  How many jokes has he made about the Holocaust? 

This makes Jimmy just like Francis in that everything is fair game except what is sacred to the Talmudists.  Guess they both don't want to bite the hand that feeds them.


  1. Don't forget perverse VC2 down dolan's pants Colbert -- he's always laughin' and jokin' and makin' fun of anyone who tries to stand up and fight the evil of baby killing. Wonder how they're going to justify themselves before the good God Almighty. Also wonder how all the 'pro-lifers' continue to stay in the same church with these sexually perverse murderers.

  2. Kimmel is LOST. Let's hope not forever ! He's just about as SICK as this society. A hard rain's gonna fall on all of us I suspect - especially us Catholics.