Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Another strong silent statement from Francis on abortion

With the recent videos documenting that Planned Parenthood not only murders human beings but then sells the body parts of those same murdered children to drug companies for research, one would think that there would be some sort of outcry from the papacy.  Maybe in normal times but with Francis nothing is heard.  Considering his upcoming visit to the United States of America it would be an opportune time lay down the law.  Recall in a September 2013 interview, Francis said, 'It is not necessary' for Catholic Church to focus on gay marriage, abortion and contraceptives, and many in the church are obsessed with 'small-minded rules'.  Then remember during his August 2014 trip to South Korea where the media told their viewership that Francis sent a strong silent anti-abortion message as he stopped to pray at an abortion memorial.  The problem is this was all spin.  If pausing for less than 10 seconds at a memorial is a strong statement then what is a weak statement?  Fast forward to May 2015 when the Vatican announced that 'missionaries of mercy' would be sent throughout the world by Francis during his Jubilee Year of Mercy to yes, absolve people from the sin of abortion.  Instead of condemning abortion and explaining how this evil is intrinsically connected to the evils of birth control, immodest dress, sodomy, and usury, we have Francis saying the greatest evils of our time are 'poverty, corruption and human trafficking'.

Will Francis' "missionaries of mercy" absolve 
the people in this video of their sins?


  1. There's nothing small minded about mass slaughter ,just thinking about abortion is stomach churning ,any race that mass slaughters their own offspring is doomed to extinction ,you would have to have a heart of granite not to be affected by helpless infants been killed some on the point of birth .

    1. I couldn't agree with you more...I cannot understand this either...

  2. Francis has said that the biggest problem facing the Church today is youth unemployment. That pretty much sums up FrancisChurch. Also, I wish someone would ask Francis specifically what are the small-minded rules to which he was referring.

  3. Baby murderers, sodomite pedophilia promoters and communist thugs are the "conscience of humanity" according to whorehay.


  4. Perhaps he does not want to offend his new found friend and Vatican invitee Jerry Brown, who has announced he wants the pro-lifers who made these undercover films duly prosecuted. Or perhaps he is just not a true pope

  5. The man "subsisting in" the Chair of Peter is just another whited sepulcher Pharisee, a hypocrite who crucifies Christ every day.

  6. Pope Francis jumped on the Climate Change band wagon which most of his friends are baby killers who support him. Perhaps he does not want to alienate them on such a small issue as Abortion and baby dissecting we are here to save the earth.

  7. If Francis does not speak out on this HORROR, there just are NO WORDS.

  8. Human Trafficking... what about baby organ trafficking for profit?
    These dismembered babies apparently are not "worthy" of mention by the Pope. There was an article on Drudge today on how Hollywood has ignored the Planned Parenthood elephant in the living room as well. Hate to lump the Pope in with those controlled Luciferians....
    Unborn baby liver cells... $24,000
    Unborn baby heart...........$10,000
    Unborn baby's entire life.... worthless

  9. Perhaps one should ask his numerous Rabbi-friends who visit him in Santa Martha and who praise him to the skies why he doesn´t “focus on abortion”:

    "In Judaism, if a woman is pregnant, and she finds out that there is a possibility that either she or the baby is will die if the pregnancy continues, then the woman must have an abortion. Of course, rarely is the risk so cut-and-dry. In practice, one has to assess the odds of each course of action. If one can, a doctor and a Rabbi should be consulted. In case of doubt, such as an emergency where one can't spend time looking for one's Rabbi, the mother's life takes precedence.
    Abortion before 40 days gestation is prohibited, but is not considered murder.

    There are numerous issues that override the prohibition. For example, the sanity (not just the happiness, but actual competency) of a rape victim. This too has to be evaluated by a Rabbi and a doctor (and a psychologist) to see exactly how much is at risk."


  10. By the way, ask his Jewish friends why he is obsessed with human trafficking: