Saturday, July 4, 2015

Down the memory hole...


The Vatican keeps making photos and articles disappear off of their websites.  This is the 8th article that Call Me Jorge... is aware of which the Vatican has tried to make vanish.   Always these articles and photos are immodest and attempt to stretch the boundaries of the Church's moral teachings.  This time it is a 'defense' of marriage which ends up pushing sodomy and lesbianism.   The new post-Vatican II teaching from Francis and company (P. Martin Lintner OSM) is that, "sexual behavior is physical communication" and "ecclesiastical sexual morality is in motion."  How disgusting and perverted!

Only last year did the same German language, Radio Vatikan, publish an article saying that sodomy didn't need to be healed which had two sodomites kissing while waving the sodomite rainbow flag.  This time they have two lesbians kissing while one shows off her sodomy rainbow colored bracelet.  The person responsible for Radio Vatikan is surprise, surprise is a Jesuit, like Francis, named Fr. Bernd Hagenkord, S.J.  He is the younger of the two men and on the right in this photo.

Degeneracy has a face.

Below is a screenshot of the offending article and here's a link to the cached version. 

What are these prelates praying to which 
makes them so degenerate?


  1. They think they are God.

  2. They're praying to the devil, obviously - certainly not to our Lord and the Holy Trinity. If Jp2, Ratzinger, Paul 666 et al can say they pray to the same "god" as the Hindus, Buddhists, Talmudists, Mohammedans etc - then they are clearly stating they are NOT praying to the Most Holy Trinity. One doesn't need to have Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes' means of deduction to figure that one out. This stuff is so obvious a small child could figure it out - but no, we adults have to make excuses for this deviltry. The emperor has no Catholic clothes. Why cannot the intelligentsia such as the "trad" apologists for these clerical devils see that? What is wrong with them. Honestly it boggles the mind.