Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Henrique Cymerman, the planner of Francis trip to Israel, is pro-sodomite!

Could Talmudic Judaism's support of sodomy be the reason for Francis silence on sodomite 'marriage'?

"What is not known, however, is that immediately afterwards Francis asked to speak in private with the TV reporter, Henrique Cymerman. He opened the conversation with a highly significant question regarding the Israeli-Palestinian situation: “How can I help?” and he then followed up with a series of other pertinent questions...On his return to Israel, Cymerman went to talk with the President and Prime Minister of Israel and with the Palestinian President, and thus, he said, the idea of a papal visit began to take shape. Francis and Cymerman remained in contact by mail and by phone, and they spoke a number of times quite recently too."
source: When Pope Francis asked an Israeli Reporter, "How Can I Help?" by Gerard O'Connell

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  1. Frances silence on sodomite marriage stems from the fact that he agrees with it. He appointed a sodomite pedophile bishop to chile (Barros) and a sodomite pedophile Danneels to the synod on the family and this year the sodomite pedophile Bonny to the synod on the family. Meanwhile "the catechism" the sodomite pedophile Chaput put out for the world meeting on the family (not confirmed yet that elton john will be there w/his 'family' to convert to catholicism and perform at the same mass after his first unholy communion his hit song "philadelphia freedom") states that we must put aside our fear and welcome homosexuals who don't have to be celibate. “The same teaching that calls same-sex-attracted persons to lives of chastity in the form of continence calls all Catholics to abandon their own fears, to shun unjust discrimination, and to welcome their homosexual brothers and sisters to the communion of love and truth within the Church…Yet the response to this summons [call] to conversion is inevitably a work in progress on the part of we recovering sinners who make up the Church’s members. The key is to create within the family, the parish, and the wider Christian community an environment of mutual support where moral growth and change can occur.” (page 94-95)

    Meanwhile Rorate has this quote from Pontifical Family Council President Fairy Paglia: "Asked about the presence or non-presence of homosexual couples in Philadelphia, Monsignor responded: “We are following Instrumentum Laboris on the Synod to the letter. Everyone can come, nobody is excluded. And if anyone feels excluded, I’ll leave the 99 little (note the adlib to the gospel -- from the sodomite pedophile predator) sheep and go and get him”, he added with a quip."

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    P.S. I note mormons and muslims (both 'religions' that support polygamy) are on the program, but no Jews. Perhaps will be able to find some.