Monday, July 6, 2015

The Great “Gay” Racket


  1. "I realized how I loathe homosexuals. All of them? Of course not. Some of them are funny, kind, intelligent, and otherwise pleasant. But homosexuals in general, yes. I can’t stand them.Normal people find homosexuality, especially male homosexuality, repellent. .. My own feelings are intensified by personal experience. Believe me, when a child you love has been sodomized, it takes a lot of the romance out of buggery. What was merely disgusting becomes nauseating. You needn’t hate the perpetrator — who, in this case as in so many others, had been sodomized as a child himself — to feel utter revulsion at the act, and contempt for those who try to endow it with dignity."

    Not sure why you post this on a Catholic blog (?) According to Sobran (1) the standard of conduct is what "normal" people feel, rather than the commands of the Catholic God (in 1973, I believe, the APA declared sodomy "normal'). (2) it's actually what SOBRAN feels -- and apparently unlike God female homosexuality isn't necessarily all that repellant to "normal" (lustful men!) people -- (too bad he's dead or he could get a gander of the three man-women "judges" in their pants asserting their equality to men by "marrying" men to men and women to women; or the Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer and Killers Keehan and Woo man-women asserting their equality by murdering their offspring in the womb and outside the womb until they leave the hospital (and their parents, veterans, disabled, sick etc.), (3) Catholics loathe sin--so many people I know use homosexuals for entertainment (funny, kind, intelligent, pleasant) or belong to the "Church of Nice" while ignoring the fact that they are souls dead in sin and going to hell. The wages of sin is death and tolerance of sin will sicken the entire body, and (4) MOST objectionable is no mention of punishment for the crimes of the child molestor; "he had been abused himself" (what thief or murderer would Sobran let off due to his childhood abuse? Aren't homosexuals responsible for their actions?) -- Sobran doesn't "hate" him. Again one doesn't 'hate' a sinner. One punishes crimes, however, and also protects other children from being molested -- this is a major missing piece in this article. Sobran is either blinded by his own sexual sins or he has been brainwashed by the NO perverts into this 'tolerance' for their sins (crimes). I have seen Catholic blogs that are "sick" (nauseated) by the supreme court decision, have "contempt" for it and are "revolted" (in the sense of nauseated) but where is the righteous zeal and anger to defend the law of God?

    1. It is a demonstration of how far and fast the country has gone down this road and sadly the trip is only beginning.

  2. Joseph Sobran wrote: "Getting in touch with my feelings the other day..."


    Sarcasm can go over some people's heads.

  3. Deberían de demandar por estafa a los lobby gay que le presenta una falsedad a los jóvenes cuando las calles de los Ángeles por ejemplo están llenas de anuncios para que se hagan gratis las pruebas de SIDA.