Wednesday, July 29, 2015

the mystery of the woman in the very short skirt

or (Im)modest Dress in the FSSPX


At a Fraternité Sacerdotale Saint Pie X (FSSPX) baptism one would think they would find Catholic behavior but at this baptism everyone failed to do their Catholic duty.  The FSSPX bills itself as the last bastion of Catholicism that will one day restore Catholic tradition in the world.  Take a look at the the photos.  Notice anything?

Here are the two photos in question:

We at Call Me Jorge... certainly do!  The woman is wearing a very short dress with cap sleeves.  Anything else?  Yes, not one person saw to it to tell this woman she was immodestly dressed.  Not Bp. Fellay, who she is standing in front of, nor the priests participating in the baptism of the bells, nor the hundreds in attendance!  Padre Pio wouldn't let the woman into the confessional let alone ring a bell which has just been baptized.

If that weren't bad enough, the FSSPX priest in charge of the webpage posted the two photos.  

Here is a screenshot of the FSSPX page on 30 June 2015:

What's going on?  Why does the FSSPX think this is a modest form of dress?

Sometimes the most simple and obvious answer is the best one but this time we'll instead ask our favorite lawyer over at the Remnant Newspaper to chime in. (We didn't really ask Mr. Ferrara.)

"It's Diabolical Disorientation!", says Christopher Ferrara.  

See, Mr. Ferrara has a reoccurring case of Diabolical Disorientation and he is in regular contact with Michael Matt on webcam who he infected who then passed it on to Bp. Fellay when they met in Menzingen, Switzerland.  Fellay didn't notice anything different until he felt a little sluggish in France but the show must go on.  As a result all in attendance came down with cases of Diabolical Disorientation.

The fateful day Mr. Matt passed Diabolical Disorientation on to Bp. Fellay.

That has to be the answer right?

It's not like Bp. Fellay associates with Zionists and accepts money from usurers does he Chris?

"Diabolical Disorientation!"
What did you say?

"Diabolical Disorientation!"

Sounds a bit silly and complicated doesn't it?

"Diabolical Disorientation!"
Thanks for clearing that up Chris!

That is certainly more plausible than the simple answer that they (FSSPX) don't know Catholicism very well or if they do, they don't practice it.

It doesn't end there though.

Now if one goes to the same page today, 21 juin 2015 : Trois cloches, bénies par Mgr Fellay, vont bientôt tintinnabuler à La Martinerie, the two photos are no longer shown.  The reason for this is someone (we guess an FSSPX priest or employee) deleted the two photos from the html code.  To demonstrate that we are not blowing smoke one can click here for photo #1 or here for photo #2 and see in the web address that the pictures are still on the FSSPX website even though they don't appear on the page.  To see the cached version of the webpage click here.

Can anyone from the FSSPX can shed some light in this?

We thought it prudent to ask another simple question.

Is Fellay changing modernist Rome or modernist Rome changing Fellay?

The staff at Call Me Jorge... looked on the internet everywhere we could think of and even asked Rome if they had a photo of Francis with a woman in a mini-skirt.    Nada! Zilch!  What did we find out?  The dress code section on the Vatican's website for Papal Audiences.

St.Peter's Basilica & Sistine Chapel / Vatican Museums Dress Code:

Women can wear trousers, capri pants and skirts and dresses are permitted however they cannot be shorter than knee length and shoulders must be covered. 
In very hot weather a shawl or large scarf/Pashmina can be draped around the shoulders for visiting the sites. 
Bare shoulders and short skirts are not permitted and again come prepared to cover up if wearing shorts.



- The knees covered
- At least short sleeves



- Shorts
- T-shirts without sleeves
- Short skirts
- Baseball caps inside the churches

Even the Vatican has a little bit of semblance of a woman dressing modestly if she is wearing a skirt or dress. We wonder if a woman wearing trousers is also acceptable to the FSSPX as it is to the Vatican?

If someone over at the FSSPX knows what happened, by all means, please fill us in with the information in the comments section below.

Bp. Fellay and all those in attendance would do well to study up on Catholic standards of dress and then put them into practice.  Some handy resources they which they can start their studies with are:

In addition to a her above mentioned book, Colleen Hammond has a Pinterest board on modest fashion which is an excellent resource where women can find modest clothes which are stylish.

Thanks to the Non Possumus blog for bringing these photos to our attention in their post, MONS. FELLAY, LOS SIONISTAS Y LAS FALDAS CORTAS.


  1. Guess at (mass) weddings for adulterers and fornicators in St. Peters' the 'sleeve' rule doesn't apply (at least when chief nose-picker is presiding) -- as a sign of purity white must be the new black (nose-picker included)!~
    Go to @14 seconds

    Any indication of who the mini-skirt wearer is? Maybe she's rich and/or famous (or the daughter/wife of the bell donor) etc.

    1. Yes, the infamous mass marriage ceremony Francis gave for adulterers and fornicators was one the Vatican relaxed their lax rules on. Francis 'the humble' nose-picker must have been demonstrating his mercy.

      CMJ has no idea who the woman is but is interested in finding out. If anyone knows who she is please leave a comment.

    2. We forgot to link to the infamous mass marriage ceremony mentioned above.

      Francis does it again!

  2. "Proper attire On Sunday's and Holy Days of Obligation, all males of first communion age and older should wear a dress shirt and tie. In addition, teenage males and older should also wear an appropriate jacket. Ladies must have their heads covered and wear an appropriate dress, (no slacks or pant suits please). Work-type clothing such as denim dresses, work labeled shirts, work boots, etc. should not be worn at Sunday Mass. Jeans of any color, shorts, lettered or sleeveless shirts are inappropriate. Chapel veils are available in both the front and rear vestibules.
    P.S. Our air conditioners keep it nice and cool in the chapel. You might even need that jacket or sweater!" [doesn't say anything about the length of the 'appropriate' dress]

    "For ladies a casual, modest skirt or dress that is at least knee length, not form fitting, and a head covering. Hose not required if the skirt is long. No backless sandals."

    From 2011: "I have noticed that practically all the women at SSPX chapels wear skirts but a higher percentage of women at FSSP chapels wear slacks."

    Proper Dress
    According to the Apostolic custom and Church Law, women and girls are requested to have their heads covered.

    "Out of respect for Our Lord and for mutual edification, men and women should dress modestly. Slacks, shorts, sleeveless dresses, and low cut dresses do not meet the norm of Christian modesty. Dress which is too casual is inappropriate. This matter is evidence of your love for our God in the Blessed Sacrament." [nothing about cap sleeves OR dress length]

    No head coverings at all? In the SSPX mass centers they at least wear them around their necks, more or less.

    "Nevertheless, there are a few traditional guidelines which we RECOMMEND:

    "We look forward to seeing you at mass!" ... For men, no demin, shorts, or t-shirts. Suits and ties are encouraged. Ladies should wear skirts or dresses that extend below the knee. Tops should be modest, that is, not low cut or tight-fitting. It is also customary for ladies to cover their heads with a hat or veil, as this has been the practice of the Church since apostolic times (see I Cor. 11:1-15). Spare veils are available near the entrance of the chapel."

    "All the people there were properly dressed – one had a long skirt, but the rest were dressed as I would dress for the Novus Ordo Mass and how we used to dress in the “days of faith” (to use a phrase coined by one holy priest I know of.) "

    2014-03-12 (00032) SSPX at Wanganui - Dress Code

    In my SSPX no one wears pants. But the odd lady does. And NO they are not refused communion

    The important thing is to dress modestly. Trousers won't be a problem if they are not immodest. This is relatively rare with modern fashion, but if a woman dressed modestly, it is highly unlikely it would ever be an issue.

  3. That Fr. Emily and Bishop Tissier de Mallerais had both "bent" the rules for generous friends and benefactors to the SSPX. That Bishop Bernard Fellay , Superior General of the SSPX, had been secretly negotiating with Rome. As just one example of the double standard, Fr. Emily had a very strict dress code for women in his church.On more than one occasion, women were barred from even entering the SSPX church in Etobicoke (Toronto) because they were not properly dressed.However, women who were friends or family of generous benefactors to the church could enter the church wearing the same styles of clothing for which most women would be barred entry to the church. In response to these letters:
    Bishop Fellay and Bishop Tissier de Mallerais, as well as Fr. Emily all demanded a retraction of what had been written about them.
    Fr. Jacques Emily, District Superior of the SSPX for Canada imposed an Excommunication on the three "accused." Fr. Emily called the police to arrest the three "accused" who dared to attend Mass at their own church. Bishop Fellay sent a fax to Fr. Emily supporting his action of calling the police.

    1. Are there any Bishops of the FSSPX who practice the Faith?

  4. 1) I think that the woman is not well dressed.
    2) Following the suggestions of the Pius XI´s Vicar for women, they would dress indecent in medieval . So every era has its customs, and you can always go decently.
    I think, and I think it would be decent today, that women should not draw too her breasts, wear clothes too tight, take a big cleavage or a short skirt.

  5. You really don't know why the men didn't protest?

  6. what i can say about like this post really amazing and thank's for share like it with us

  7. Tibetan Buddhists are more careful and respectful. I was with friend's years ago and they were in shorts. They were given shawls to cover their legs before they could enter the shrine.