Saturday, August 1, 2015

'Fun and games' with the 'Elder Brothers'

Agent: “How do you want me to honor your American passport? Do you want me to kiss it, to hug it, or to worship it? Moreover, you are rude and ill mannered. How did you get to be so rude? You are a Palestinian and you are rude and ill-mannered.”

"Harassment, detainment, and interrogations are part and parcel of the Israeli states’ efforts to keep Palestinians out of Israel-Palestine and bring more Jews in. It is my own US tax dollars—over 3 billion dollars of both economic and military aid—that finances the oppression of the Palestinian people. Without the US’s blind and unconditional financial and political support of the state of Israel, the occupation and all its tragedies against the Palestinians would not continue."

For more read the full account of U.S. citizen, George Koury, in which he details the interrogations, harassment, detention, and deportation he suffered at the hands of immigration officials in Israel.  These 'elder brothers' are not only the best buddies of Francis but also champions of illegal immigration and open borders for every country in the world except Israel.

George Koury


  1. It seems that even the Italians collaborated with the Israelis by not letting disembark in Italy, but rather putting him on a flight back to the USA - an enforced journey which he had to pay for.

  2. I wouldn't set foot on that miserable piece of real estate if it were the last place on earth to stand. And if I know a product is made in Is(is)-Ra-el, I won't buy it.