Friday, August 28, 2015

Vatican thanks lesbian author for thoughtful gesture and spread of genuine human and Christian values

Francesca Pardi is the author of “Piccolo Uovo” (or “Little Egg”), a cute 2011 book about an egg that’s found by a variety of diverse animal families, including gay penguins, lesbian rabbits, and a mixed-race dog couple. It’s one of the books deemed offensive by Brugnaro.

In June, Pardi sent a letter to the Pope about the discrimination she’s experienced, along with a package of several LGBT-themed books from her publisher, The Guardian reported this week.

Through his staff, Francis wrote back some words of support for Pardi’s work.

“His holiness is grateful for the thoughtful gesture and for the feelings which it evoked, hoping for an always more fruitful activity in the service of young generations and the spread of genuine human and Christian values,” a senior Vatican official wrote, according to the letter obtained by The Guardian.

While the “genuine human and Christian values” mentioned in the letter are vague, the sentiment of the note is a far cry from that of Venice’s mayor, who has said the books about LGBT families are not appropriate for young kids.

The Vatican clarified, however, that the blessings in the letter were personal praise for Pardi, and did not indicate support for views that go against Catholic teachings on gender and sexuality, according to The Guardian.

Are these some of the “genuine human and Christian values” Francis is grateful for?

Maria Silvia Fiengo e Francesca Pardi after their April 2013 "wedding".


  1. She'll will probably be hired to write a new Catechism for the new Church of Humankind .

  2. With each passing day Bergogiio shows that he probably is the 'false prophet' of the Apocalypse by his defense of one of the four sins crying to Heaven for vengeance, but he has years of false Catholic company within the false novus ordo sect masquerading as "Catholicism" by their turning away from calling this an abominable sin against nature to an "orientation" - which of course, made it a 'benign" characteristic that one is "born with;" and once you are "born that way" then you can hardly condemn a person for acting the way God purportedly made them, at least if you take the novus ordo endorsement of the "orientation" argument to it's logical conclusion. Like Protestantism before it, the novus ordo religion is leading to not only unbelief but belief in out and out satanism and occultism. The devil is certainly making war aganst the saints and overcoming them with the help of his sidekick Bergoglio.

  3. Bergoglio is an absolute disgrace. At least Ratzinger kept his act together. He wasn't such a clown. This guy here tops all charts of craziness.

  4. Genuin,human and Christian values? Sorry, didn't know fags are this kind of's not a clowns' show, it's a tragedy.

    1. Yes and beyond that it is an attack on the FAMILY, the basic building block of any society in the temporal order - which is male and female as HE made them. These people would die off unless they use artificial insemination or surrogate mothers or such like - or adopt. This is helping the globalists meet their depopulation goals by promoting this abhorrent "lifestyle." Anyone who cannot see that is blind indeed.