Friday, September 4, 2015

A virtual audience with a virtual pope conducted by a virtual reporter talking about...

...the mainstream media is selling Francis' trip
to North America hard

...will the public buy his banking 
new world order?

virtual = not physically existing as such but made by software to appear to do so

Who's programming Francis?   

Call Me Jorge... hasn't watched this video but predicts there will be lots of spiritual hugs, tears, people with disabilities, bad English, emotion, but essentially no Catholicism!!! 


  1. I wonder if he'll mention 'the shoah" - why does he get to obsess about a holocaust that happened 70 years ago and why the hell doesn't a reporter ask him, "well, if Nazis were murdering Jews right now you wouldn't say a word lest someone accuse you of obsessing. You filthy, rotten, stinking scum bag hypocrite!"

  2. the big screens were set up in front of the altar at the Sacred Heart church in Texas (tacky and irreverent...especially if the tabernacle was behind the screen...but that isn't Francis's fault). I don't think pope francis said the name of Jesus once during the whole program.

  3. Francis fits onto NO altar and looks like a speaking "altar"! Look at 23.16s he answers
    to a "single mum testimony": "I tell you one thing, you are a brave woman because you are capable of bringing these two daughters into the world.You could have killed them inside your womb(...)and God will reward you for that.

  4. Amazing how all the Catholics Christians and Gypsies who perished in the camps are passed over .