Friday, September 11, 2015

More on the Talmudic Jewess (Rivka Ravitz) Francis bowed to while covering his pectoral cross

Rivka Ravitz, whom was in the recent post Talmudic R-E-S-P-E-C-T, is a trail blazing Renaissance Haredi (ultra-orthodox) woman and the President of Israel's Chief of Staff according to the video embedded below.  Rivka is President longtime assistant and served as his executive assistant when he was a Knesset lawmaker.  Later she served of his Chief of Staff when Rivlin was the Speaker of the Knesset.  She is also the mother of 11 children.  Francis didn't chastise her for 'breeding like a rabbit' because she isn't Catholic and he has respect for all things Talmudic.

Why does Francis show respect for the Talmudic religion but not Catholicism?


  1. 50 years of apostasy and anti-Catholicism - papacies which are de facto schismatic with lapses into heresy - who with a sound grounding in the Roman Catholic Faith can accept this radical pro-Talmudic pantheist as a Catholic? With each passing day he looks increasingly as he really is.

  2. Torah on Women: 'a sack full of excrement with a bleeding hole.'

  3. That's not her real hair. It's an expensive wig, which looks like her real hair would look if she was not following the Orthodox rabbinic law to wear a wig 'for the sake of modesty.'

    Pope Francis has deep respect for the cockamamie traditions of Orthodox Judaism and contempt for the traditions of the Catholic religion he's alleged to represent.

    1. Your name seems familiar. Are you using it to insinuate you hold the same view as the author of that book written 50+ years ago warning Catholics about the dangers of VV2?

  4. I can't help (maybe its 3 decades of Zionist secular programming via TV and movies) but look at Rivka's children and feel a bit of sorrow.At this point they're very young and don't know any better.
    In reality they will grow up and look upon me as cattle without a soul to serve the Jew as a slave.
    For the time being,my weak apathetic western programmed mind feels sorry for them being raised in that demented warped pagan Haredi cult.
    (How many men were supposed to be their "Saivor" but died premature? I know its more than a few)