Friday, September 11, 2015

Remember Francis wants you to welcome these 'refugees' into your home and show them the culture of encounter

Behavior of the invading Moslem Army of 'refugees'
not shown on Zionist controlled mainstream media

After all who is Francis to judge?


  1. Well you know Chaos, he told the young people in Rio to take the streets and make a mess. These non-Christians savages are doing what he wants. Sure the fairies are having a field day recruiting for their 'religious' orders.

    "I would like to say something. What do I expect as a consequence of the Youth Day? I expect a mess. There will be one. There will be a mess here in Rio? There will be! But I want a mess in the dioceses! I want people to go out! I want the Church to go out to the street! I want us to defend ourselves against everything that is worldliness, that is installation, that is comfortableness, that is clericalism, that is being shut-in in ourselves. The parishes, the schools, the institutions, exist to go out! ...May the Bishops and priests forgive me, if one of them afterwards has a row with you, but it is my advice. Thank you for what you can do. Look, I think that at this moment, this global civilization has gone too far, has gone too far! Because the worship of the god-money is such, that we are witnessing a philosophy and praxis of exclusion of the two poles of life which are the promises of the nations. And of course, because one could think that there might be a sort of hidden euthanasia, namely, that the elderly are not looked after. But there is also a cultural euthanasia: they are not allowed to speak; they are not allowed to act! And the exclusion of young people: the percentage that exists of young people without work, unemployed, is very high! And it is a generation that doesn’t have the experience of the dignity earned by work. , this civilization has led us to exclude the two extremes that are our future! So, young people must go out, they must show their worth (by making a mess and defecating on altars and throwing feces at the police and raping and pillaging and rampaging!).

  2. The Muslim invasion of Europe and destruction of Christendom is necessary for the "return" of "Messiah" Schneerson according to this Haredi Rabbi:

  3. Which group wanted ongoing wars in the Mid East? Which financial entities could provide start-up and ongoing funding?

  4. "pope" francis' policy is particularly evil to advocate using Catholic resources to help violent Muslim hooligans when Christians are being slaughtered w/out mercy in the mideast by these same violent Muslim hooligans and NO CALL by Francis for ANYONE (1) for the violence to stop or these hooligans (Unlike the Nazi trains) will be bombed or (2) to take these CHRISTIAN refugees. St. Paul states that Christian charity should go FIRST to Christians (Gal 6:10). Francis proves again that he is an evil sodomite fairy and works for the LORD of the FLIES.

  5. Let us not forget Montini/Paul 555 gave the flag from Lepanto back to the Mohammedans.....and he helped "ordain" Berg, didn't he?

    1. Yes he did, about muslim occupation see on Eponymuos flower ' Freemasons order the EU : open borders for more and more immigration' everything is clearer now, intelligenti pauca. Shaun the sheep.

  6. He tells young people to make a mess sounds like an anarchist, God does not do mess he does order .