Sunday, September 20, 2015

What's with Novus Ordo priests and legos?


  1. It's how they teach them to be fairies in the seminary.

  2. This video mocks Catholicism - and makes our religion look like something only simple minded children who play with toys would believe in. These are sacred matters which should be treated with the respect that they deserve - if Bergoglio were a true Pope, I would be completely offended by such a video. This guy is a clueless phoney "priest" in the novus ordo who has no idea that such a thing could be offensive - but having no true orders and no time spent at the altar saying a real mass, of course he is clueless about the impression such a video gives to someone who actually has attended a true mass.

    God is not mocked. This is more of the same dog and pony show that the phoney fake novus ordo religion is - entertainment for the dumbed down and nothing more than that.