Friday, October 30, 2015

Female convicts dance for Francis

...this was reported in the media
as a 'spontaneous' flash mob

Below are the female prisoners plus a male or two of the Casa Circondariale Femminile di Rebibbia (Female Prison of Rebibbia) doing their flash mob thing.  What a perfect demonstration of Francis' church.  It was an interreligous mix of Moslem and Catholic convicts who rehearsed this dance routine for days but was sold to the public as a 'spontaneous' flash mob.  It is just like all the lies and half-truths which Francis sells. 

***** Notice all the women regardless of religion are immodestly clothed in tight jeans. *****

Was this the 1st 'spontaneous' take or 2nd 'spontaneous' take?

Where's the Catholicism?

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  1. Anything that mocks the holy Trinity and the True Catholic faith is cool with Jorge & the V2 Sect.