Monday, October 26, 2015

Francis' fun and games return to Paul VI Audience Hall!!!


After admonishing the a half-empty hall of bishops by telling them he is "the rock" and next that the new synodal church heirarchy is "an inverted pyramid", Francis returned to his practice of bringing the peripheries to the Vatican.  Watch as Francis tells the world to have mercy and accept the gypsies into your society!  The Roma, as they are also known as, practice a variety of worship.  Some still believe in worshiping the Indian goddess Kali, others are Roman Catholic, Moslem, Protestant, Anglican, Pentecostal, or Baptist.  There is no official religion among these strange people.  Gypsies are notorious for being beggars, welfare queens (on the dole), pick-pockets and thieves in major European cities.  One thing Francis didn't explain to the Roma was the Catholic standards of modest dress.  Oops, that would contradict his thesis of the poor are the Gospel.

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