Friday, October 16, 2015

Francis the 'humble' isn't very popular in the Vatican

“If a conclave were to be held today, Francis would be lucky to get ten votes.  He gets an A-plus on public relations, but an F on all the rest.” 


  1. I don't see it as disapproval of heresy. I think a lot of the Modernist bishops think Mr Bergoglio lacks subtlety like the Protestant Fr Ratzinger, the priest people think was a Traditionalist.

    1. It's a reflection of the modus operandi of Bergoglio. In Argentina Francis' fellow modernists were happy to see him elected to the papacy because it finally meant he was leaving the country. The man knows how to make enemies and has no understanding of how to be in charge.

    2. Anonymous - I think you are correct. The new world order bunch generally gets a whole lot more deviltry done with the false opposition leaders and fake conservatives than with the open libs - but both get the agenda of two steps forward, one back done. None of these guys cares about the true apostolic Faith or they would have been working early on to overturn what Roncalli and Montini started - rather, these people complaining that they wouldn't vote for Berg probably have their "Saint" John Paul II statue on their dresser, with a nine day novena to Wojtyla, the man who praised the serpent god of the Incas, Mayans and Aztecs that they performed human sacrifice to, but he was a "saint" for saying a few sweet nothings against abortion from time to time, and doing photo ops next to a statue of our Lady of Fatima for the Wanderer, Fr. Gruner and the rest of the recognize and resist "just give us our stained glass window in the one world religion of Antichrist and we will bow down and worship you Lucifer/Baphomet" bunch to publish to promote the myth that he was a legitimate "pope". I will never forget how Wojtyla along with Ratzinger told the Jews that Christ wasn't the Messiah, which St. John in his Epistle BY DEFINITION names the Antichrist proper as the one who does this - which lends credence to the Dimond boys' argument that Wojtyla WAS the Antichrist - though some arguments may also be made in Montini's favor about taking away the eternal sacrifice and sitting in the temple of God as though he were God, changing all laws by imposing the false Second Vatican Council on the Church. Certainly the bit about the Antichrist wanting to raise himself to Heaven seems prophetically fulfilled in these false canonizations of these masonically and Judaically bent apostate antipopes such as Roncalli "I'm a Rosicrucian mason" as Bernard Fay exposed and Wojtyla "I played on the Jewish side in games" and "I loved phenomenology/Rudolf Steiner" Wojtyla.