Monday, October 12, 2015

Francis "is basically shock therapy for the church!" says gatekeeper and the insider's insider of the Vatican, John L. Allen, Jr.

We've covered John L. Allen, Jr. on Call Me Jorge... before.  He is a Vatican reporter who even though he claims to be Catholic, is married to a Jewess whom is a big fan of pro-abortion Obama, has addressed the ADL (Anti-Defamation League) twice on the policies of the Vatican and told them they "basically won the lottery," with Jorge Bergoglio's election, informed his readers the Synod in 2014 was like a soap opera, and runs blocking for Francis as he consistently sends his readers down dead end roads leading to nowhere.

Once again we would disagree with Mr. Allen.  Francis isn't shock therapy for the church, he is the undertaker hammering in the final nail of Noahidism into the coffin.

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  1. The Vatican Councils and their disgusting liturgy were the shock therapies in two movements. The remainder has been the rapid exposure of the consequent mendacity, deceit and vertiginous decline of this counterfeit neo-church.

  2. Francis, the left's Hitler! First he was saving the planet, now he's saving 'the church'!

  3. If there is fear and confusion ,its down to Satan ,the Holy Spirit brings peace and clarity,by their fruits you shall know them.

  4. Yeah, I would say Francis is really sticking the tikkun olam to the Conciliars - right up the waazoo. . The sodomites have to be able to sit in the circle and sing kumbaya with the rest of the klipot. I am sure rabbi JudeoJesus will give us all new, inclusive mantra for this historic occaision. What is the gender of rabbi JudeoJesus anyway?

    1. The Rav's gender is different depending on his/her/its strategic alliances and goals for a given time frame.

      Watch Masha Gessen who will explain 'gay' 'marriage' to the uninitiated.

    2. Anyone who does the work of the judaic-masonic is a crypto-judaic-masonic, regardless of the womb from which he/she came forth.

  5. This video may be edifying. I had the privilege of attending +Fr. De Pauw's chapel a number of times over the years. Requiescat in pace.

    Conciliar or Catholic? Father Gommar A De Pauw
    A talk given in Chicago (1967)

  6. This Allen fellow again demonstrates the communist agent's argument that a Faithful Christian is mentally ill and needs a dose of mental illness treatment. This man shows his utter contempt for the true Faith by writing such a comment regarding Bergoglio. The devil must be gleeful how he's going to get such a bunch of people down there with leaders like this Allen character leading the flock. God forbid we are amongst them.