Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Francis tells his favorite blasphemous joke again!

(from left to right) David de Rothschild, (chairman of the board of the WJC), 
Ronald Lauder, (president of the WJC) , Francis, Chelly Sara, Jack Terpins (treasurer of WJC), Robert Singer,  (Chief Executive Officer & Executive Vice-President of WJC), and Claudio Epelman (Executive Director, Latin American Jewish Congress).

Today, on the 50th anniversary of the declaration of Nostra Aetate, Francis privately met with six members of the World Jewish Congress.  According to Claudio Epelman, Executive Director of the regional branch of the World Jewish Congress; the Latin American Jewish Congress, Francis regaled his Talmudic Jewish guests with a joke.  We at Call Me Jorge... are assuming it is Francis' favorite blasphemous joke as Epelman recalled hearing the same joke two years ago, on the Jewish New Year, coming out from the mouth of Francis.  It was also told at the kosher Last Lunch Francis held at the Vatican. The following quote is excerpted from the article, Francisco sorprendió con un chiste religioso a los mayores seis líderes judíos del mundo, published in La Nacion and written by biographer of Francis, Elisabetta Pique.

"And this time he (Francis) said 'I will do as the rabbis who have a habit of telling stories' and he told the story of an anti-Semitic priest who never missed an opportunity to attack the Jews. One day, in a sermon, the priest found a pretext and began to attack Jews, as always, in virulent form. Suddenly, Jesus came down from the cross, looked to the Virgin and says, 'Mom, let's go, it seems that they do not like us here.'"

Once again, the true Francis comes out.  Not the PR character created by Greg Burke and company, who kisses babies and takes selfies but the one who hates Jesus the Christ and His Church.


  1. The AHA! of Francis favourite joke is: 'Jesus was a Jew'. Not so, rabbinic Judaism of the Talmud - after it was written down post dates Christianity.
    When Israel is Mighty - Yossi Gurvitz

  2. Franny tells that joke, but the one he doesn't tell is that the whole purpose of the VC2 Bogus Ordo was to DRIVE Jesus and His Mom out of the Temple. They've been running on the smoke of Satan ever since.

  3. What a VILE "joke". To Rabbinic ears, Christ didn't get off His Cross to prove His Divinity (as the High Priests cruelly taunted him to do), but He AND His Mother would both quit without hesitation if Rabbis were insulted! No wonder they're retelling it with relish. VILE!

  4. Imagine blindly accepting this rabbinic joke as Pope?!?!
    Imagine being convinced to leave the V2 sect is to commit the greatest apostasy?!?! We are blessed to realize the true catholic faith is outside the V2 sect