Tuesday, October 13, 2015

the church must respect sodomites & find a way to include them in the church


  1. "Thank you Planned Parenthood - God Bless You! God Bless America!


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    1. Nope, John Dew is what passes for a cardinal in the church today.

  3. Hey, "Cardinal" Dew: Scripture was written for ALL TIME, you dimwitted heretic!
    Spoken like a true, political, a-hole tool. Take off the collar, and stop the pretense, "Cardinal" Dew. You are as much a priest as I am, you disgusting homophiliac.

  4. Again, this "Cardinal" is using the post Vatican II "orientation" argument, rather than the pre Vatican II clear definition: one of the four sins crying to Heaven for vengeance. Then he ends up with the tired apostate's argument about "Scripture was written for a particular TIME" and "Paul was writing to a particular group" blah blah blah DENIAL of Holy Writ modernist garbage - and how following and believing in what SAINT Paul actually wrote is "not helpful" today. Not helpful to whom, sir? I imagine this Cardinal may have a 'boyfriend' somewhere stashed away - or if not, is good buddies with those that are.

    When I was in university in a very conservative state in the late 1980s/early 1990s in the US, I was still attending "Mass" at the newman center, and the young novus ordo ordained priest and the elderly priest downtown were going to the pro abortion rally on the nearby college campus and taking down names of anyone they saw from their parishes to refuse them communion. At the time I knew of a student who was attending the novus ordo who was regularly going out of town to another college town's gay bars at the time on a Friday or Saturday night, then showing up on Sundays to the Newman Center and regularly marching up to receive what I believed at the time to be Holy Communion. I asked the young priest who was so adamant about refusing communion to the pro abort crowd about disclosing this person's name and about how I thought I should because this young man I fully believed was sacrileging the eucharist, and he looked at me with a semi-blank stare and told me "Don't worry about it" and clearly wanted me to drop the subject. This was one of my first Twilight Zone/something's rotten in Denmark experiences in the novus ordo, soon to be followed by sermons where "priests" were saying Christ didn't know He was God until the Transfiguration - heard that one at least three times from the pulpit in different geographical locations in the novus ordo - and that the nativity story was made up by the Early Christians to explain how Christ was born - that one I heard on Christmas Eve novus ordo "mass" in the 1980s at one of my local parishes - and was the first time I refused to take the eucharist from the "priest's" hands - refused to go up in the line - but was with some other relatives who wanted to go so couldn't leave until they were done. These latter stories illustrate the mentality of this guy in the video. As our Lady said at LaSallette - Rome has lost the Faith and become the Seat of the Antichrist. St. Paul I'm certain is hurling his anathema from Heaven at this man's head. God forbid that any of us join him in the crowd following this bunch right down into the pit.

  5. I find this strangely comforting . It gives me peace of mind about my decision to leave the Vatican 2 church and receive the sacraments at an independent chapel.

    Seattle kim