Friday, October 23, 2015

The 'Great Monarch' caught redhanded buying followers

...Eric Gajewski loves the admiration of the world and he is willing to purchase it literally!

Eric 'the great monarch' Gajewski 
& his 'order of the eagle' Exposed

***** WARNING *****
Video produced by Baptism of Desire/Blood Deniers 
Listen only to first 35 minutes
***** WARNING *****

Eric Gajewski (aka TradCatKnight) responds

...and the winner is?


  1. It's not a sin to deny Baptism of Desire/Blood because the desire for Baptism of Water (speaking on those who want to be baptized) affects Penace and they are still going to purgatory but their sins are forgiven and they will be saved, but different than Baptism of Water.

  2. You're wrong, Baptism of Desire/Blood has the same effect.
    Moreover, its validity is defined by the Magisterium.

  3. We need to pray for both SSPX camp's as they both serve the judeo-V2 antichrist sect.