Saturday, October 17, 2015

What would happen if Franics threw a party and no one showed up?

 ...celebrating 50 years of a rudderless barque

Were the no-show bishops making a mess in their dioceses or perhaps
they were out in the peripheries getting the smell of sheep on them?

Francis and company celebrated 50 years of the Synod of Bishops earlier today.  It turns out that not only has Francis been having problems filling St. Peter's Square for his general audiences but he had a hard time getting his bishops to attend this celebration.  The Synod of Bishops was established by Blessed Paul VI at the opening of the last session of the Second Vatican Council in order to keep close cooperation between the pontiff and bishops (collegiality) continuing after the council finished with the intent of implementing the decrees of the council.

What's a party without a program?

 Or a choir of cute children?

 Francis holding court.

 Are these guys Catholic?

What are those empty seats?

  The seats in back are taken. Those bishops are in line at the 
Vatican cafeteria as today is Spaghetti Saturday!

 Apparently they couldn't give tickets away.

 Maybe Francis should hire a scalper to help move tickets.

Francis' view while he gave his speech.

For those readers interested in reading Francis' speech, COMMEMORAZIONE DEL 50° ANNIVERSARIO DELL'ISTITUZIONE DEL SINODO DEI VESCOVI, click on the blue link.  It's filled with the usual claptrap of pub theology; walking together, interfaith dialogue, improving upon Christ, listening to others and the Holy Spirit, fraternity towards others, justice for all, the Synod is binding, etc...

With the recent Anti-Francis Dossier, the letter from 13 cardinals to Francis being leaked and Francis' subsequent blow up, the declining attendance at general audiences, and an anonymous source in the Vatican saying no way would Jorge Bergoglio be elected today, we wonder how much longer until no one pays attention let alone shows up anytime Francis opens his mouth?

Here's the video!



  2. Francis wants a Church like an "inverted pyramid"... Isn't that new?

    «Ma in questa Chiesa, ha detto, “come in una piramide capovolta, il vertice si trova al di sotto della base.»

    Full text in italian:

    Short translation:


    The downward pointing triangle is sometimes referred to as the chalice. It is the symbol of water (as it flows downward), the grace of heaven, and the womb. it is one of the most ancient symbols of female divinity, as a representation of the genitalia of the goddess.